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10,000 Hyped Huskies and 10 Unique Galactic Huskies Revolutionizing the NFT Space

There is no doubt that non-fungible tokens are here to stay. With the performance of the various NFT collections released so far, there is no denying the fact that the Decentralized Financial (DeFi) revolution that has been spreading through the crypto community is an all-encompassing one. According to experts, the future is DeFi, and DeFi is the future. 

Now, there are several collections in the NFT space, and Hyped Husky Night Club (HHNC) is the latest token set to hit the market with unique features and benefits for investors, holders and regular crypto enthusiasts. 

The Hyped Husky Night Club is a pack of 10,000 Hyped Huskies built on the Ethereum blockchain and stored as an ERC-721. It is the latest NFT collection set to hit the market, and it has the capacity to dominate the NFT space. 

The collection also has a story attached to it: the Huskies, who were perfectly content in their cozy homes, started craving for much more than what the four walls could bring them. So at a nightclub event, which was the coolest night in the hottest nightclub in town, the Huskies entered a costume contest. The Hyped Huskies emerged as the stars, and every eye was glued to them. With the newfound fame, the Hyped Huskies set off on a mission to pursue their dreams outside their comfort zone. The first step towards actualizing this goal is establishing the Hyped Husky Night Club.

Non-fungible tokens are an offshoot of collectible baseball cards, artworks, or collector items. Each NFT is unique, thereby enforcing an exclusive value and demand of its own. A decade since NFTs were introduced in the crypto space as alternative digital assets, it has become so unstoppable for the most part of 2021, and daily, more interested people continue to spring up in the name of token collection and tokenomics.

Seeking to dominate the crypto space and the expanding metaverse, Hyped Husky Night Club is looking to reach out to everyone, including NFT enthusiasts, DeFi enthusiasts, crypto enthusiasts, NFT artists and collectors, crypto traders, YouTubers, pet lovers, and husky fans. 

According to the developers, owning any unit of the 10,000 Hyped Huskies or the unique 10 Galactic Huskies places the owners in a unique value category. Be it a VIP holder or a regular holder; there is a level of security everyone is entitled to as long as they are invested in the Huskies project.

“We care about your investments, so our main goal is to make your investments worthwhile!” the creators shared.Be a part of a yet to be released NFT asset by minting the Hyped Huskies via their website or by joining social media conversations on Twitter and  Discord.

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