“Staten Island! The Musical: A Colorful and Hilarious Journey Through New York’s Forgotten Borough”

Staten Island may be one of New York City’s forgotten boroughs, but the off-Broadway hit musical “Staten Island! The Musical” has put it firmly on the map. Written by Matt Izzo and composed by Sal Volpe, this colorful and hilarious production takes the audience through the borough, exploring its secrets and hidden gems.

Directed by Katy Cohen and produced by thisIZZit Productions, “Staten Island! The Musical” enjoyed a sold-out run at The Tank Theatre and the Avenel Theatre of Performing Arts. The show’s success was quickly noticed, and it was featured in several publications, including the New York Post, Time Out New York, and NBC’s New York Live.

The show’s big dance numbers and catchy songs make it a true crowd-pleaser, and it’s easy to see why it’s been compared to hits like “Grease” and “Mamma Mia.” But what sets “Staten Island! The Musical” apart is the incredible talent of its cast. 

The musical covers the tale of what happens in the forgotten borough. But, that is not so forgotten, filled with big dance numbers and the kind of show that will make you laugh till your belly aches. It will take you on a journey led by Staten Island Chuck. The choreography and singing were legendary! The show’s success is partly due to its ability to capture the essence of Staten Island and showcase its unique charms and hidden gems. For anyone who’s ever lived in or visited Staten Island, “Staten Island! The Musical” is a must-see production.

In addition to the successful off-Broadway run and subsequent performances at the Avenel Performing Arts Center, Staten Island The Musical is also making waves with the news that they are currently recording an album of all the songs from the show. This is exciting news for fans of the musical, as they can now enjoy the catchy tunes and memorable lyrics outside of the theater. The fact that the show is investing in recording an album shows the level of commitment and passion that the creators and performers have for their work. It also speaks to the popularity and potential longevity of the show, as it will now have a wider reach beyond the theater. This is a smart move for Staten Island The Musical and will generate even more buzz and interest in the show.

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One actor in particular who stole the show was Marie-Louise Boisnier. Her performance was unforgettable, and she proved herself a standout performer in every way. Marie-Louise was a star on the rise, from her vocals to acting to dancing. Her ability to balance comedic and captivating acting was a genuine gift, with the audience in stitches. She also had the remarkable ability to include other actors in her performance without overpowering them, making for a truly cohesive and engaging performance.

Currently rehearsing for “Dream On Baransky!” at The American Theatre of Actors, Marie-Louise is set to play the hilarious British character Lyla Cummings. Based on her incredible performance in “Staten Island! The Musical,” it’s clear that she’s a rising star in the industry and one to watch out for.

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“Staten Island! The Musical” is a fantastic product that will delight audiences with its colorful characters, catchy songs, and hilarious story. Its success is a testament to the talents of its cast and crew, especially Marie-Louise Boisnier, who stole the show and left the audience wanting more. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging musical that showcases the best of Staten Island, then “Staten Island! The Musical” is not to be missed. With a sold-out run at The Tank Theatre and the Avenel Theatre of Performing Arts, this show has proven to be a true crowd-pleaser.