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‘A Christmas Story’ Set Places You Can Visit

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story has become a popular Christmas movie since its release in 1983.

An adaptation of Jean Shepherd’s 1966 novel In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash dropped the story in November 1983. Furthermore, it became a box office hit, earning an estimated $20 million in theaters.

However, akin to other sleeper hits, the film later appeared on home viewing and cable television airings. In addition, it included a 24-hour marathon every Christmas. 

Fans return to the Christmas Story universe with the latest sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas. It is currently available on HBO Max. The new film sees Billingsley and his original castmates in their roles nearly 40 years later.

However, if watching Ralphie’s tale from your living room isn’t enough, you’re fortunate. Someone modified the Parker family’s home residence into a Christmas Story museum. And you can spend the night there – in Randy and Ralphie’s beds. 

Although margaritas have ceased to exist at Flick’s, multiple Christmas Story locations serve as tourist attractions.

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A Christmas Story Addresses

Here are some of them. 

Warren G. Harding Elementary School (St. Catharine’s, Canada, and Hammond, Indiana) 

Self-proclaimed “megafan” Tyler Schwartz and his then-fiancee, now-wife Jordie, went on a quest to find the location in the movie. Fortunately, they found it. 

Christmas Tree Lot (Toronto, Canada) 

The Road Trip researchers deciphered the location of the Christmas tree lot where Ralphie and his family bought their tree following the Old Man’s bargain. 

The Flat Tire on the Bridge (Toronto, Canada) 

Notably, after they went for Christmas tree shopping, the family experiences a dilemma of a flat tire. 

Bo’Ling Chop Suey Palace (Hammond, Indiana, and Toronto, Canada) 

The final stop for the Christmas Story location tour appears at the film’s end. Following the Bumpus hounds’ escape with the Parker family turkey, the Old Man says, “We are going out to eat!” Then they end up in a Chinese restaurant. 

Ralphie’s House (Cleveland) 

In 2004, the Cleveland house where they shot the film went for sale on eBay. So, Christmas Story fan Brian Jones purchased it for $150,000. 

Afterward, he worked to renew the iconic home and launched it as A Christmas Story House & Museum in 2006. 

During the day, the home serves as a museum, highlighting artifacts from the film, photos handed by the movie’s actors, and items for the true spirit. 

The Bumpus House (Cleveland) 

In the film, the Bumpuses weren’t quite featured. However, their presence next dorm remains strong. It is because of the barking of their hound dogs sometimes, if not all the time. 

Viewing of the Leg Lamp (Cleveland) 

In the film. Filmmaker Bob Clark appears as “the Swede” who queries the Old Man (Darren McGavin) about his “major award.” Of course, he is talking about the legendary lamp that adult Ralphie calls “the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window.” 

Currently, a Bob Clark memorial bench stands on the site where the “major award” scene was filmed. 

Higbee’s Department Store (Cleveland) 

They filmed the Christmas parade scene outside Cleveland’s iconic Higbee’s department store on the public square at 3 a.m.

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