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AdaTimeStamp NFTs, Own Digital Real-Estate on an Immortal Timeline

How will you ultimately be remembered for your digital and real world footprint? Data is constantly being wiped away, or even sold to the highest bidder. AdaTimeStamp is to redefine lasting legacy by preserving data using the power of Blockchain technology.

Cryptographic wallets are increasingly holding more than only crypto currencies. They hold NFT art, certificates of learning, gaming accomplishments, CO2 certificates and other ways in which people make their mark on the world.  AdaTimeStamp is creating a new way in which digital natives can be remembered. 

“Most individual timelines are ‘mortal’, we are creating a shared one, governed by a decentralized community. This shared timeline is split into ‘Time Stamps’ that allow messages to be carried forward into countless tomorrows. That is AdaTimeStamp. A community that strives for a shared positive legacy,” explained the project developers.

The first sale is scheduled for 27 September 2022.  AdaTimeStamp twitter is the place to find the latest news. AdaTimeStamp is adamant about fostering a culture that looks forward to a long-term vision of innovation. Furthermore, as a way to give back to the community, the team has pledged to contribute 42% of profits to a positive impact fund. 

Immutable blockchains now being used to build immortal museums, the future is being shaped with AdaTimeStamp. What will history say when it is written in this new way? We will find out soon, and permanently. 

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