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Adele Roberts Model of the Year at the British LGBT Awards

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The British LGBT Awards have just given their Role Model of the Year award to Adele Roberts for her story about being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

The TV personality has been complimented for sharing her experience during treatment following her revelation of having the disease last October. Moreover, she has utilized her platform to spread awareness about the illness – the signs and symptoms. 

The host of the event, Sue Perkins, referred to her as a “hero” at Friday’s event in London.

In a video message, Adele expressed her gratitude to the LGBT community for their support during her treatment.

“You’ve inspired me to do better and to be better…” she said. “I understand the importance of standing up, being proud, not apologizing for who you are and just being that person really, that we all needed when we were younger.” 

She added, “So, I hope I’m doing that for anybody who’s dealing with cancer.” 

Roberts, who has undergone intense treatment for cancer and currently wears a stoma bag, was featured on the front cover of Women’s Health magazine in May to relay information about the disease. 

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Previously, the Radio 1 DJ complimented her fiancée Kate Holderness for being her “counselor, mentor, and the best nurse ever.” 

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga snagged the celebrity award, which was announced by Dame Kelly, who just came out as gay. 

Alicia Keys has been named the celebrity ally of the year. The award is given to someone who, through their artistry, sheds light on and backs the LGBT community. 

Keys, accepting the award in a pre-recorded video message, complimented the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex communities. 

“I know the powerful LBGTQI+ community has a lot to fight for, stand up to and care about, so just like all of you here tonight, I am here with you to keep showing up, representing, and reminding each other we are not alone,” she stated. 

“Let’s scream at the top of our lungs; everyone deserves love, kindness, equanimity, and most of all, respect.” 

She added, “Of course, we’ve come a long way, but there’s so much more to do, and there’s so much more that has to happen, but that’s why ceremonies like this are so important.”

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