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Apple Plans to Improve Working Time for Retail Workers, Says Bloomberg News


Photo: Reuters

Apple is set to create flexible work schedules for retail employees amid pressure toward unionization, as per Bloomberg News reports on Thursday. 

The technology behemoth announced to its staff at a few stores that schedule changes will be enforced in the months to come, according to the reports quoting employees. The changes will increase the minimum time between shifts to 12 hours from 10 hours. 

Some media outlets have reached out to Apple for a comment on this story, but they did not respond immediately.

The company said in an interview with Reuters that they would be increasing their payrolls to $22 per hour or even more.

Last year, a California-based company called The Cupertino, famous for its reticent culture, came under fire online for its working conditions from several current and former employees. 

In April, Apple’s Atlanta store employees appealed to conduct a union election in order to establish the first-ever US location of this company and mark an important step for employee rights, despite numerous labor activities at other major firms. 

On the other hand, Microsoft announced on Thursday that it would not oppose unionization attempts by its workers because it acknowledges their legal right to decide to form or join a union.

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