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Apple Watch and iPhone New Features Save People

Apple Watch

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If you tuned in to the opening of Apple’s iPhone event this week, you may have wondered if you’ve seen the emergency first responder training seminar.

Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the annual event Wednesday with a three-minute clip showing how the Apple Watch saved lives by notifying people who can to help.

A man described how he was skating on a frozen river when the ice broke. Another one survived from a plane crash in a remote area in the winter, as was a high school student who ran into a bear and managed to escape.

Meanwhile, in another instance, a 27-year-old high school teacher rushed to the emergency room after her Apple Watch detected an abnormal heart rate. The teacher said, “My doctor said, ‘It was your watch that saved your life.’” 

Apple has long established its products as tools for creativity, productivity, a positive lifestyle filled with friends and family, healthy routines, and outdoor activities.

Some are on display at this year’s event. But there was also a new message. The giant has released some of its products and features as a safety net in a dangerous world.

“We truly hope you never need it but feel a little bit safer every time you get into a car,” said Apple’s vice president of sensing and connectivity, Ron Huang, during the announcement. 

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iPhone and Apple Watch Upgraded Features

The giant also announced an Emergency SOS tool for iPhones that depends on satellites if, for instance, you’re lost in the middle of nowhere and cellular service does not work. 

Additionally, it presented a new temperature monitoring device on the Apple Watch that can be utilized to keep tabs on diseases when several people may still be struggling with pandemic health concerns. 

Although debatably a continuation of Apple’s focus on health features, specifically with its smartwatches, the underline of these petrifying use cases still received quite the scrutiny from industry watchers. 

“It was a little surprising to see Apple reach for the alarmist approach and position their devices as potential life savers,” stated market research firm IDC’s research director, Ramon Llamas. 

Over the past few years, Apple has pledged to its consumers that its products can aid in making a safer digital environment for them – one with stricter privacy protections and family-friendly content. 

Currently, its new features seem to have extended to keeping people safe in the actual world. 

“These emergency features are like the safety bags in your car: you aren’t going to need them all the time, but you’re grateful when you do,” Llamas added. 

The change in pitch comes as Apple faces a new economic environment that could make it more challenging to persuade consumers to pay three to four-figure amounts to upgrade their existing technology – mainly due to the few feature-difference from the previous product. 

On Wednesday, the giant presented minor upgrades to its devices. For instance, the iPhone devices provided updates to camera systems, a new interactive lock screen, and on the Pro models, a faster performance. 

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Ultra is aimed toward extreme sports participants. 

“Refinement over revolution isn’t a bad thing, but if purses are tightening with the economy, then these announcements are a harder sell without anything groundbreaking,” stated market firm ABI Research’s research director, Eric Abbruzzese.

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