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Barbie Pink is the New Chic

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Daniel Day-Lewis stars in Phantom Thread as a prickly yet sharp fashion designer named Reynolds Woodcock. He even shouts at his muse for eating toast. Reynolds is not worried about keeping the times.

When he finds out that a big client has jumped ship to another fashion house, he pretends to be confused.

“All I’ve done is dress her beautifully,” he rants. To which Cyril responds, “I don’t think that matters to some people. I think they want what is fashionable and chic.”

Reynolds breaks down, hearing this, saying, “Chic! Whoever invented that ought to be spanked in public. I don’t even know what that word means! What is that word? Fucking chic! They should be hung, drawn, and quartered. Fucking chic.”

Forget chic and jump into core. 

Different Versions of Core

The Barbie trend is taking over this summer. Early data from Depop shows that 93% more people are searching for “Barbie pink” in Vogue magazine.

The virtual interest in cores – a suffix that means a kind of style – started in 2013, when the word normcore was first minted by trendsetters K-Hole as a philosophy of fashion.

They propounded that the frequently online were contesting for virality and rareness, and subsequently, both were difficult to come by. Launch into normcore. It was an outfit for individuals who didn’t want to catch attention, yet saw the social influence of fitting in.

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“Normcore moves away from a coolness that relies on difference to a post-authenticity coolness that opts into sameness,” they said. Notably, New York magazine referred to it as “fashion for those who realize they’re one in 7 billion.”

In 2017, gorpcore followed suit, also became famous in New York. Its name came from an acronym for the hiker snack “good old raisins and peanuts” and, thus, was described by crunchy and outdoorsy gear.

And then menocore happened. It is a term minted by Harling Ross of Man Repeller that was also referred to as coastal grandmother chic. And that’s how core became a craze.

Reason Behind Pink Craze

There are several basic reasons behind celebrities’ inclination to wear bubble-gum pink now.

First, Pierpaolo Piccioli – one of the most influential designers today – created a whole collection of Valentino clothing in a similar shade of pink approved by Pantone.

Second, Hollywood filmmaker Greta Gerwig is filming a real-life adaptation of Barbie featuring Hollywood actors Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and the looks are interesting.

Lastly, pink is a color that catches your eyes, as well as a color of summer that people like.

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