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Beauty and the Beast Commemorate Anniversary with a Musical Masterpiece

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Be their guest! 

Disney and ABC invite fans to join them in celebrating Beauty and the Beast’s 30th anniversary.

On Tuesday, the network announced that it would air Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration on ABC on December 15.

The two-hour special, featuring a mix of animated and live-action sequences, honors the blockbuster and its legacy by combining the film with new musical performances.

Jon M. Chu will serve as executive producer under the direction of Hamish Hamilton. The original film’s cast members performing musical acts have not yet been announced.

Beauty and the Beast was always a game-changing cinematic experience for me,” stated Chu. 

“When the animated movie came out, I watched it multiple times in the first weekend. It showed me the outer limits of what animated artists and storytellers could achieve, so the fact that I get to executive produce a tribute to all the creatives that made this masterpiece throughout Electric Somewhere company is a dream I didn’t even think was possible.

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“With our world-class creatives and talent to reinterpret the classic musical numbers (with a few surprises), I can’t wait for the audiences, in person and at home, to experience what we have in store for them. It’s a true celebration of creativity.” 

In addition, the special will show new sets and costumes based on Beauty and the Beast, while the tracks will be played before audiences at Disney Studios. 

At the time of Beauty and the Beast’s debut in 1991, it was a pioneering moment, gaining Disney’s first nomination for the Best Picture Oscar. It snagged Best Original Song for the title song, “Beauty and the Beast,” paying tribute to its legendary score by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. 

Since then, the movie has become an essential part of Disney’s legacy, creating a pivotal Broadway musical in the success of Disney and the latest live-action adaptation featuring Emma Watson as Belle in 2017. 

The special will premiere on Disney+ the next day.

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