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Biden and Trump Campaign for Democrats and Republicans

Biden, Trump

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump campaigned on opposing sides of Pennsylvania on Saturday.

The scene heralded a possible rematch in 2024, and the two finally pushed for the Senate and their respective party’s gubernatorial candidates on a pivotal battlefield in 2022.

The Commonwealth gives Democrats the best chance of winning seats that help them maintain their influence in the Senate. It replaced Trump’s endorsement in 2016 with his Biden endorsement in 2020.

However, outrage over inflation and the economic doubts of voters across the country have created a stiffer barrier for Democrats. Additionally, the party is facing a hard historical chance this year since Democrats in the White House always suffer congressional losses in the first midterm of a new administration. 

Democrats conclude their campaign by questioning Republican plans to fight inflation. They argue that the other party could jeopardize Social Security and Medicare. Moreover, their loyalty to Trump could jeopardize the fundamental values ​​of democracy.

Meanwhile, Former President Barack Obama joined Biden in the Philadelphia campaign on Saturday.

The current president’s approval rating is on a downward trend. Pennsylvania is one of the unique regions where Mr. Biden has fought head-to-head with senator candidates.

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is attempting to earn the Senate seat previously filled by GOP Sen. Pat Toomey. Mehmet Oz stands opposite Fetterman as Trump’s selected candidate in the race. 

Therefore, Democrats are competing for seats in Nevada, Georgia and Arizona. Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote left the party in control of the Senate 50 to 50 to her, resulting in a draw.

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Democrats Statements

Meanwhile, Republicans must gain a net of only one seat to win over the majority. Therefore, Democrats look forward to a Pennsylvania win that could alleviate any losses on their side in those other states. 

Following a stage appearance with Obama, Biden provoked his former foe. He said to the heavy audience Latrobe could hear them. It is where Trump showed up two hours after with Oz and GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano. 

Notably, Mastriano is an election denier who participated on January 6, 2021, US Capitol protest. 

“Your right to choose is on the ballot. Your right to vote is on the ballot. Social Security and Medicare is in the ballot,” Biden stated at North Philadelphia’s Liacouras Center on Temple University’s campus. 

Furthermore, he stressed that his goal when he vied for the presidential runoff was “to build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out.” He called this a “fundamental shift, compared to Oz and the mega MAGA Republican trickle down economics.” 

“This ain’t your father’s Republican Party,” the president continued. “This is a different breed of cat. I really mean it. Look, they’re all about the wealthier getting wealthy. And the wealthier staying wealthy. The middle class gets stiffed. The poor get poorer under their policy.” 

After Biden appeared on stage, Fetterman talked next. He called out Oz for showing up with Trump at a rally event as he looked to remind Pennsylvanians how Trump sparked the conspiracy theories that started the January 6 Capitol incident. 

“A true exercise in moderation,” he said of Oz’s move. 

Furthermore, he continued, “inflation has hurt working families in Pennsylvania, but you need a senator that really understands what that means.”

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