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Body Image Takes Center Stage as Adrianne Curry and Melanie Lynskey Clash on Social Media

Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry, the winner of the first season of America’s Next Top Model, recently caused a stir on social media after she shamed Melanie Lynskey, star of the popular video game The Last of Us.

In a since-deleted tweet, Curry criticized Lynskey’s performance in a recent magazine cover shoot, claiming her body didn’t match the character she portrayed in the video game.  

“Her body says life of luxury… not post apocalyptic [sic] warlord. Where is Linda Hamilton when you need her?” Curry wrote in a tweet shared by Lynskey through a screenshot.

Curry’s tweet was quickly addressed by Lynskey, who portrays a brutal survivor in The Last of Us, who pointed out that the image in question was taken for an InStyle magazine cover shoot and was not representative of the post-apocalyptic setting of the game.

She also called out Curry for a lack of understanding and empathy for people who may be struggling with body image issues.  

“I’m playing a person who meticulously planned & executed an overthrow of FEDRA,” Lynskey wrote, pointing to the name of the military government influencing the United States twenty years after the fungus rebellion. 

“I am supposed to be SMART, ma’am. I don’t need to be muscly. That’s what henchmen are for.”

Leaving Twitter for Awhile

Curry took to her Facebook account to explain her decision to leave Twitter.

“Actors and actresses that cannot take criticism of characters they play is absurd to me. I acted in a film that people tore my character to SHREDS. I am not the character. It wasn’t a direct attack. I survived,” she said.

She mentioned that although she is not the character in the movies in which she has acted, her character has received criticism. Curry also lashed out at Lynskey for sharing a screenshot of her remarks with her followers, which sparked bullying and harassment.

Curry stated that she will not be returning to Twitter until Lynskey’s fans stop harassing her for her opinion on a fictional character. She emphasized that her comments were not personal and were simply a criticism of a character in a movie or show.

“Now, I think I’ll keep my NERD movie/show criticism to myself. These people take it too personally.”

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Adrianne Curry is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. She is famous for her work as a model and actress, and has been making waves in the industry for over two decades.

Curry was born on August 6, 1982, in Joliet, Illinois, and grew up in a small town in the Chicago suburbs. She developed a passion for modeling at a young age and decided to pursue a career in the industry. 

Curry’s stunning looks and unique style quickly caught the attention of photographers and designers, and she soon found herself working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

In 2003, Curry became the first winner of the popular reality TV show “America’s Next Top Model.” This marked the beginning of her rise to fame and helped her secure modeling contracts with some of the most prominent names in the fashion industry.

Aside from her successful modeling career, Curry is also a talented actress. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including “The Surreal Life,” “My Fair Brady,” and “The Tester.” 

Her talent and dedication have earned her a loyal following, and she continues to be a popular figure in the entertainment world.

Advocate for Animal Rights 

Curry is also known for her activism and support for various causes. She is a vocal advocate for animal rights and often participates in events and campaigns to raise awareness about the issue. 

She is also a passionate supporter of mental health awareness and has used her platform to raise awareness about the significance of mental health and the need for better access to mental health resources.

Curry is a talented and multifaceted personality who has made a massive impact on the entertainment industry. Her dedication, hard work, and unique style have secured her a place in the hearts of fans all over the world. 

Whether she is modeling on the runway, acting on the big screen, or advocating for important causes, Curry continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her remarkable talent and unwavering passion.

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Melanie Lynskey is a talented actress who has made a name for herself over the past two decades. Born on May 16, 1977, in New Plymouth, New Zealand, Lynskey grew up with a passion for acting and a natural talent for performing.

Lynskey made her acting debut in 1994, appearing in the New Zealand film “Heavenly Creatures.” Her portrayal of Pauline Parker in the film was critically and commercially praised, and earned her several awards and nominations. 

This early success set the stage for Lynskey’s illustrious career, and she has since become one of the most coveted actresses in the industry.

Over the years, Lynskey has appeared in a wide array of movies and TV shows, including “Two and a Half Men,” “Togetherness,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore.” 

Her versatility and scope as an actress have earned her widespread critical acclaim and a loyal following among fans.

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