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Braxe + Falcon Announces US Shows

Braxe + Falcon

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After the arrival of their most recent EP Step by Step, Braxe + Falcon uncovered two US shows this fall.

French house showrunners Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon will play live music at Elsewhere in Brooklyn on November 5th and their last show at El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on November 12th.

Braxe + Falcon also released a music video for the EP’s title track, featuring Panda Bear on vocals. The visual, which was written, directed and produced by Toru Tokikawa, features Japanese skate prodigy Ginwoo Onodera.

Onodera, 12, is the youngest athlete in Nike history to sign a contract with the shoes company. The video was shot in Tokyo and included clips from Ginwoo’s early days in skateboarding, as well as footage of him winning awards and tricks.

“Visualizing the appropriate video for Step by Step was not easy, but when my director friend Toru Tokikawa came up with the idea of showing the growth of a child from a very young age through the practice of skateboarding, we instantly felt it was right for the song,” Braxe stated in a press release, talking about the footage.

“As we grew up as skateboarders, we understand that skateboarding is a commitment, accepting the multiple failures until the trick is landed and then learning the next one until you reach freedom of movement and expression; it’s all done ‘step by step.’

“Toru cast Ginwoo Onodera, an incredible young skater whose softness, skills and enthusiasm shine on the screen, making it a subtle and moving video.” 

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Braxe + Falcon: Groundbreaking Artists

Braxe and Falcon are part of the groundbreaking people pioneering the French Touch genre, but Step by Step is their first team-up as a pair. 

Braxe is famous for being a member of Stardust – whose only single, “Music Sounds Better With You,” became a smash-hit at the French house. The two-thirds of Stardust were singer Benjamin Diamond and Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter. 

Falcon and Bangalter teamed up on “Contract,” the concluding track on Daft Punk’s last album Random Access Memories

Braxe + Falcon

11-05 Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere

 11-12 Los Angeles, CA – El Rey Theatre

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