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Dillon Kivo’s Authority Titans Puts the Spotlight on Aspiring Performers Across the Country

The entertainment industry can be brutal and cutthroat. So having connections is a huge leg up for aspiring musicians, actors, and performers who want to make it big. However, for those not blessed with a vast network of connections, Authority Titans can help them grow their influence.

The brand owned by Dillon Kivo has an outstanding authority accelerator program that introduces these hopefuls to a broader audience. Across the United States, the venture has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of entertainers, become more known. It does not matter whether a person is from Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Nashville, New York, or California; Authority Titans is ready to assist them in achieving the spotlight.

Even some of today’s most popular celebrities were once helped by Dillon Kivo and his team to promote events, releases, and many more. For example, Authority Titans was responsible for making a buzz around rap icon Ice Cube’s Big 3 Basketball Tournament. Additionally, the company has worked with music creator Spectacular Smith of hip-hop group Pretty Ricky.

Through the authority accelerator program offered by the company, clients can get a mentor who can guide them in the right direction. On top of that, their stories get featured in some of the world’s most sought-after media publications. These seemingly simple strategies are highly effective, with clients gaining multiple followers and engagement after being published. 

More than its promise to deliver results indicated by an unmatched success rate of 99%, Authority Titans is known for its superb culture of providing genuine care to its clients. The world-class services offered by the company and its excellent customer relations are just a few of the many factors that helped this outstanding brand stand out from its competition. 

This impressive venture is a product of Dillon Kivo’s own success story. Unknown to many, the now renowned entrepreneur had a rocky start in his early days as a business owner. He suffered through losses and had to overcome many adversities. However, because of perseverance, hard work, and an eagerness to learn, the former McDonald’s employee with a side hustle is now a triumphant business executive. 

Despite his previous struggles, the tycoon is still thankful for those moments. For him, those experiences had taught him valuable lessons that led him to where he is now. It has also encouraged him to lend a helping hand to fellow dreamers, which is why Authority Titans exists. His goal is to provide his clients with convenient means of scaling their business without going through the same hardships as he did. 

Aside from making a tangible and positive impact on the lives and careers of people, Dillon Kivo hopes that his story inspires those who are trying their best to continue pursuing their dreams and never give up. 

In the future, the extraordinary brand aims to continue its advocacy of being the voice for a wave of new talents and skilled creatives wishing to make a mark in the entertainment industry. 

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