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Drake Rocks the Stage with the Backstreet Boys

Photo: Middle East Eye

The Backstreet Boys received a surprise guest on stage at their show in Toronto, Canada, on Sunday night.

Rapper Drake took the stage with the boy band as they performed “I Want It That Way” – the band’s second show in Canada as part of their DNA World Tour.

Prior to the iconic song’s debut, People Magazine, citing an online source, told People Magazine that Drake revealed a personal story about what the Backstreet Boys meant to him and why.

“At 13 years old, I had a bar mitzvah; for the first time in my life, this girl I was in love with came up to me while one of the greatest songs in the world was playing, and she asked me if I would dance with her,” he stated, says the magazine. 

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“It was the first time I ever felt acknowledged, and it was the first time I ever felt like, you know, I had a shot at being cool.” 

A clip uploaded to the band’s social media shows Drake contributing some harmonies but mostly dancing, boosting the energy of the crowd and enjoying the performance from the best seat in the room.

Drake also took a final bow with the group. Maybe that’s how he wanted it.

The Backstreet Boys’ tour lasts until November and passes through the United States and Canada, then Spain and Germany.

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