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Elon Musk Wants a Change in Twitter Blue Tick


Elon Musk, the newest owner of Twitter, said that the company will change the procedure for obtaining the most wanted “blue tick”. Reports say the company could start collecting $20 per month for verification.

Musk took to Twitter to reveal the verification process days after the Twitter acquisition. A blue checkmark is free and indicates that the account is authentic.

On Friday, the business mogul completed a $44 billion acquisition. He also renamed himself Chief Twit on Twitter.

Musk reiterated concerns about the month-long verification process leading up to the acquisition. He also added that he was concerned about spam numbers and bot accounts he believed were ruining the platform.

The billionaire’s tweet on Sunday didn’t give more information on the change he would bring to the site. However, according to tech site The Verge, Twitter currently plans to collect $19.99 monthly for Twitter Blue. 

Twitter Blue is the subscription service of the social media platform. Additionally, that particular fee includes verification in one of its functions.

Verified users have 90 days to opt in or lose the blue check, he added.

Management notified Twitter employees on Sunday. Twitter also asked them to launch the program by Nov. 7 or put their jobs at risk, it added.

Last summer, the social media platform released Twitter Blue. Then, it gave subscribers premium features such as selecting to undo a tweet. Now, it is optional and costs $4.99 a month. 

The plans have yet to be officially confirmed, but Musk seems to have spotted the rumor in a recent tweet on Monday.

“Oh no, all our diabolical plans have been revealed!!” Musk tweeted. 

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Twitter Redundancy

New York Times recently reported Musk wants to cut jobs on Twitter ahead of the beginning of next month to dodge payouts. However, the billionaire has denied such a claim. 

Speculations on a layoff spread as the execs departed from the firm after his acquisition. It included its chief executive, chairman, and finance chief. 

During the weekend NY Times reported Musk’s order to cut off jobs throughout Twitter’s labor force. According to the newspaper, the cutback would start prior to November 1. Therefore, it comes as employees were due to gain share grants in the firm as a considerable lump of their compensation agreement. 

However, responding to a Twitter handle asking about the speculation, he stated: “This is false.” 

The acquisition has sparked talks about the site under Musk’s management. Twitter users expressed worries that gentler free speech policies would open doors for people banned for hate speech and disinformation. 

Musk said he doesn’t plan for the site to be an environment of hate and division. 

“Twitter obviously cannot become a free-for-all hell-scape, where anything can be said with no consequences!” he posted on Twitter. 

But following his denial of the NY Times layoff reports, Musk posted a screenshot of a NY Times headline. The tweet included him posting a link to a “site known to publish false news.” 

The NY Times headline pointed to a response Musk posted and eventually deleted. It happened during the weekend to a tweet by former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 

His response had a link to a conspiracy theory over a Paul Pelosi – husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – assault.

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