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Floki: Leading Cryptocurrency Giving Back to Society Massively

Crypto giant Floki has announced its plans of building schools in underdeveloped countries throughout the world, beginning with Nigeria, Guatemala and Laos.

As part of its commitment to National Development and human development, Floki believes education is a right and should be enjoyed by all regardless of economic or social status; thus, through forward-thinking organizations like Pencils of Promise, Floki for the next foreseeable future is committed to building schools globally, beginning with the construction of a state-of-the-art school in Nigeria. And upon the completion of the project, Floki would be replicating the same in Guatemala and Laos. 

The Pencils of Promise organization builds schools and increases educational opportunities in developing nations. They have helped build 575 classroom blocks that currently serve over 115,600 students across various regions around the world. 

Floki’s goal is to build schools that provide education for children who would otherwise never have access, and they’re off to a great start with their first two projects. The Nigerian school will have up to six blocks of classrooms while also providing students in need with an equipped computer laboratory and a library so every child can learn at their own pace.

Floki is a company based out of Norway that has been building schools across Africa for years. The new construction in Nigeria will be their most ambitious project yet, with six blocks combined to create an entire school! These buildings are fully equipped with classrooms and libraries and computer labs too; all on-site so students can learn even when it rains or snows outside- which doesn’t stop them from coming anyways because education beats any weather condition, hands down!. In addition – as if providing more than just access wasn’t enough already – Flokis’ contribution through this wonderful organization means thousands now have the opportunity instead remain illiterate. 

Floki knows that every student has a right to education, and he’s dedicated his life to working towards fulfilling this goal. But, unfortunately, in Ghana, 17% of children don’t go through primary school because they’re not enrolled or finish it before dropping out at an early age, which leaves 14%. These statistics are upsetting, and if nothing is done to address the problem, people will never learn how important knowledge can be if we give them no chance. 

Floki is committed to helping the people of Ghana. The company announced that they would be building four classrooms, starting with one in which children can learn more about what it means for them and their country. 

Floki is a movement token inspired by an Elon Musk tweet in which he says his Shiba Inu will be named Floki. Floki strives to provide clear and beneficial utility to its token, all while cultivating a vibrant community around one of the most exciting memes in the crypto space. Floki completes the dogecoin trilogy. Dogecoin was the beginning. Shiba Inu coin created a token around a specific breed of dog. Floki creates a token around a specific dog identity.

Learn more about Floki via its website.

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