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Hailey Bieber Could be Real-Life Barbie

Photo: NSMBL

Hailey Bieber is one of the first to try out Donatella’s new corsets for this season.

The model made a gorgeous Instagram photoshoot wearing the 12th look from this collection – a satin corset mini dress with ornate boning in the chest, torso and side seams designed with a bejeweled Medusa theme on the straps. 

Hailey’s pink outfit is the perfect reflection of Barbiecore. Stylist Karla Welch captured this moment with an Instagram post: “Paging the Barbie movie.” 

One of the most famous fashionistas in the world, Nicola Peltz Beckham, is an avid wearer of Versace corsets.

Nicola Peltz Beckham has also been charmed by Versace corsets.

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The actress, who mixed a few Versace outfits into her wardrobe for her wedding ceremony, said in a previous interview with Vogue: “There’s just nothing that feels better than a Versace corset… The fit is impeccable. It makes you feel sexy but classy at the same time. Versace is just the perfect thing to put on after a big bridal gown.”

Nicola stuck with a more subtle look, but Hailey went all out on the fashion statement. She donned an elegant necklace from Tiffany & Co., layered with diamonds and chains, before adding some retro style points by wearing white boots from Naked Wolfe.

It’s always a good idea to go the extra mile, especially regarding fashion.

According to Hailey’s Instagram post: “Having a little extra fun today.”

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