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Hasbro Shareholders Wants the Toy Company to Settle Alta Fox Issues, Refresh Board


Toy producer Hasbro’s well established investors Boston Partners and Anchor Capital, expect to renew its board with at least one investor-backed director and resolve a proxy contest with Alta Fox Capital Management, an activist investment organization.

Boston Partners, holding a 2.26% stake in Hasbro and contributing $96 billion for clients, said in a meeting with Reuters on Tuesday that the board requires new chiefs. Besides, it is supporting the activist’s three director applicants. It expressed that the settlement would be a benefit to Hasbro and its investors.

“At this point, we are recommending to our Governance Committee to vote in favor of the Alta Fox nominees,” said a general counsel and director of sustainability and engagement at Boston Partners, William Butterly. 

According to Butterly, Hasbro must upgrade capital allocation and shareholder returns, further stating that “a greater refresh of the board is necessary to drive positive change at the company level.” 

He added his organization is concerned that Hasbro last month raised the board to 13 individuals from 11, as opposed to supplanting current chiefs with the two novices it added.

His comments are lined up with what Anchor Capital, holding a 0.36% stake in Hasbro, told Hasbro’s board through a letter. Anchor, a 16-year investor of Hasbro, expressed that the board would enjoy benefits from having an investor-supported director or directors in the board’s seat to lay new points of view and mastery, according to two sources acquainted with everything going on.

Be that as it may, Anchor didn’t make reference to how it would cast a ballot in the proxy contest.

In February, Alta Fox Capital Management reported a 2.5% holding in the producer of Play-Doh, Monopoly, and My Little Pony. Moreover, it expressed that it would want a bunch of board seats and for the firm to contemplate off-shooting its Wizards of the Coast gaming unit. From that point forward, it has sliced its lineup to three chief candidates.

Investors will decide on who turns out to be important for the board at Hasbro’s yearly gathering on June 8.

Ancora Holdings Inc uncovered for this present month that it possesses a 1% stake in Hasbro and required the firm to ponder a full or fractional offer of Entertainment One, the stage that makes network shows and other content. Ancora additionally encouraged the board to arrive at a progress with Alta Fox.

The board “is always open to hearing shareholder perspective,” said a Hasbro spokesperson, and that it put Liz Hamren and Blake Jorgensen as directors in “response to investor feedback.”

Hasbro has added five new independent directors beginning around 2016 and recently introduced CEO Chris Cocks, she said.

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