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Land and Ammo Grace the Music Industry with a Distinct Genre-Bending Sound

The power of music as a genuine form of self-expression transcends the bounds of human understanding. For natural-born creatives Rob Bailey and Jake Hill, the creative process of music making is just as fulfilling as the product itself. Individual artists in their own right, Rob and Jake found a lot of common ground as friends for the past decade, but never really found the time to start a band together. Now that they feel that the time is ripe, they are setting the music industry ablaze with Land and Ammo.

Land and Ammo is the latest project by artists Rob Bailey and Jake Hill. The band is a collaborative music project that is scheduled to release a groundbreaking single each month starting off with their debut single “Land and Ammo.”

The musical duo hopes to take a brand new spin on the American Folk Music genre, blurring the lines of its music and vocal style while remaining true to what makes the genre truly special. Rob Bailey of Kill Rob Bailey and Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard hopes to recreate what he did with electronic workout music with his previous projects bringing a brand new edge to an already established genre.

Rob Bailey is famous for being an unsigned musician who self-published all his albums since 2012. He earned number one on the iTunes Charts, number six on the Billboard charts, and number 14 on overall digital sales since the inception of his music career. His musical stylings are often described as a mix of electronic inspirational workout music with aggressive vocals, giving rise to an entirely new breed of music as a whole.

Singer and songwriter Jake Hill joins Rob Bailey to form the band Land and Ammo, and they’re on a mission to spark a revolution in the music industry. Their debut single, “Land and Ammo” is unlike anything the music industry has ever put out, and it’s this exciting creativity and experimentation that the band wants to be known for.

“Although we are telling an ominous tale, the song still feels upbeat like a battle cry. It is a song that truly gets in the listener and encourages them to chant along,” shared Rob Bailey. “I think when I picture American folk music, it seems to lack energy. We bring that energy,” he added. The duo spent a lot of time navigating through what they deemed to be American without taking it too far down a political path when writing their debut single.

“Land and Ammo” is a song for people from different walks of life. The song is practically for anyone who enjoys good music and recognizes what real art and creativity looks like.

Land and Ammo rejuvenates the often tired American Folk Music genre through a unique approach when it comes to the rhythms, melodies, and vocals. “I think the gang vocals and the acoustic guitar and our two voices fare extremely well together and, although they are aggressive, will be easily digestible to the general public,” explained Rob.

In the near future, the band hopes to perform at live events and tour all across the United States to packed audiences. Land and Ammo is making its mark in the music industry, and it’s extremely exciting to see how the world reacts to this wildly creative collaboration.

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