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Meghan Markle’s Party Didn’t Accept the Apology from The Sun

Meghan Markle’s camp flatly rejects The Sun newspaper’s apology for Jeremy Clarkson’s vile, defamatory column.

The royal family seems in no mood to accept anything other than a reasonable expression of regret from those who help spread offensive and bigoted media content about their peers.

On Friday, December 16 (the day after the long-awaited release of the Harry and Meghan docu-series), Clarkson (of The Sun) sent social media shockwaves with his rather candid take on the Duchess, proclaiming that he didn’t like her. 

After receiving a barrage of criticism, The Sun retracted the article on Monday, apologizing for its insensitive content. They humbly expressed that they were “sincerely sorry” for causing offense to so many readers.

On Saturday, Markle’s rep bluntly dismissed The Sun’s apology as a disingenuous attempt to win back public support.

“The fact that the Sun has not contacted The Duchess of Sussex to apologize shows their intent,” the statement said. 

“This is nothing more than a PR stunt. While the public absolutely deserves the publication’s regrets for their dangerous comments, we wouldn’t be in this situation if The Sun did not continue to profit off of and exploit hate, violence and misogyny. A true apology would be a shift in their coverage and ethical standards for all. Unfortunately, we’re not holding our breath.”

Statement from The Sun 

An apology from The Sun said: “Columnists’ opinions are their own, but as a publisher, we realize that with free expression comes responsibility. We at The Sun regret the publication of this article, and we are sincerely sorry.”

In his scathing column, Clarkson eloquently compared Markle to a villain on the hit show Game of Thrones, revealing that he despises her more than anyone.

“At night, I’m unable to sleep as I lie there, grinding my teeth and dreaming of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds chant, ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her,” he wrote.

On the day of its dismantling, Clarkson took to Twitter to express his awareness that it offended many – yet an apology was notably absent from the conversation.

“Oh, dear. I’ve rather put my foot in it,” he posted on his Twitter handle. “In a column, I wrote about Meghan, I made a clumsy reference to a scene in Game of Thrones, and this has gone down badly with a great many people. I’m horrified to have caused so much hurt, and I shall be more careful in the future.”

The hit HBO series’ season 5 finale had a powerful and emotional ending when Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) was made to walk through King’s Landing in the buff, being taunted by an angry mob overseen by Septa Unella (Hannah Waddingham). 

Throughout her parade of shame, the crowd shouted reminders that “Shame!” echoed endlessly.

Through her walk of shame, Cersei emulates the trial of Jane Shore – mistress to King Edward IV. As per George R.R. Martin’s words, he drew inspiration from this real-life incident that dates back centuries ago as an act of punishment upon the king’s death.

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Canceled Show

Netflix has released its grip on an iconic treasure.

Meghan Markle’s highly anticipated family-friendly animated TV series Pearl has been canceled. This marks the end of another dream for Prince Harry’s wife and follows a trend at her streamer, with other projects in similar genres being shut down recently as well.

For a time, the Duchess of Sussex was poised to become an executive producer on an inspiring show that would chronicle the extraordinary journeys of a 12-year-old girl as she discovers female pioneers throughout history.

Archewell Productions, the production banner of Prince Harry and Markle, continues to create fascinating content for Netflix. Most recently, they have been working on a docu-series entitled Heart Of Invictus.

EW has learned that a strategic choice was made to end the production of Pearl, along with a few other projects.

Netflix has plenty of animated entertainment to keep viewers enthralled. From the eerie Dead End: Paranormal Park to Kung Fu Panda’s action-packed adventure The Dragon Knight, plus beloved Dr. Seuss classics for preschoolers – there’s something out of this world for everyone. 

Netflix’s announcement of 200,000 lost subscribers initiated a massive shift in animation at the studio- resulting in several projects being canceled and stocks taking a 30% nosedive. Unfortunately, it seems that no one is immune to the ever-changing winds of streaming services.

Reuters recently revealed that three children series have been cut short: Dino Daycare, Boons and Curses, and an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Twits

Additionally, the Bone comics-to-TV adaptation has also come to a close, as well as Toil And Trouble. These beloved stories will remain unfinished for now.

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Harry & Meghan Docu-Series

Netflix’s Harry & Meghan takes viewers behind the scenes with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a unique take on their extraordinary journey together.

From a fateful transatlantic love affair to the glossy royal wedding and then an unexpected departure that shook the world, this story expands our view into centuries of British imperialism. It also reveals how modern media has shaped our perception of royalty.

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