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Millie Bobby Brown Wants to Portray Halsey in Biopic

Photo: NME

Eleven might become “Bad at Love.” 

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown indicated in an Instagram story on Tuesday that she’s “soooo down” to portray singer Halsey for a biopic – if ever one is made.

Brown’s statement came after Halsey agreed with the idea on Monday night’s The Tonight Show episode.

A brief clip of the guesting, which Brown shared on Instagram, displayed host Jimmy Fallon saying that Brown should portray the singer-songwriter after a photo of Halsey was displayed posing as Brown’s Stranger Things role, Eleven. 

At first, Halsey joked that she would be happy to see Fallon portray her since she doesn’t think of herself as popular enough to have someone such as Brown play the hypothetical character. 

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“You’ll do it, though, right?” Halsey asked Fallon, to which the host replied that he would. 

Kidding aside, Halsey further said, “No, Millie would be so great. It’s kind of uncanny how much we look alike. It’s like, oh, no, we actually just look like sisters.” 

Halsey appeared on The Tonight Show to promote her ongoing tour, The Love and Power Tour. Apart from the dream casting, she and Fallon talked about her child’s contempt for her singing voice and her makeup brand, About-Face. 

Brown has been keeping herself busy with work, including appearing in Stranger Things. The show is set to release its fourth season, volume II on July 1, and there are rumors of a fifth coming soon.

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