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Netflix’s Hustle Earns Adam Sandler his Best Comedy Film Yet, According to Fans

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Netflix’s original Hustle has received rave reviews from viewers and critics alike. Many people feel Adam Sandler’s performance in this film was excellent. 

The movie has an exceptionally high 92% on the Tomatometer, which measures critical feedback from film critics. It also scores well with audiences.

Hustle earned the most positive critical reviews than almost any other Sandler film – apart from The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) at 93% and Uncut Gems (best known as Uncut JOMS), also at 92%. However, the two gained only 72% (The Meyerowitz Stories) and 52% (Uncut Gems) scores from fans. 

Yet, even his most widely-known films can’t compete against Hustle. His 1996 hilarious ode to golf, Happy Gilmore, and the 2006 stoner farcical, Grandma’s Boy, both earned 85% with audiences. 

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“I knew this movie was a different feel for me,” Sandler said in an interview with EW in May, “but it’s kind of a combination of stuff I’ve done in the past and a newer version of who I am.” 

Hustle tells the tale of a Philadelphia 76ers’ scout Stanley Sugarman (Sandler), as he makes a once-in-a-lifetime discovery: a basketball prodigy on the streets of Spain, Bo Cruz, portrayed by Utah Jazz power forward Juancho Hernangomez. The movie also stars Queen Latifah as Sugarman’s wife. 

“Coming from Spain, I know his movies, of course, but I never was a fan,” Hernangomez revealed in an interview with EW about his journey in working with Sandler. However, he also revealed that he grew to adore the actor. 

“From the first day we got through chemistry and fitting, we loved each other so much,” Hernangomez said. “He loved me like his older son, and I looked at him like my dad. We had a good relationship in every way. He took care of me from the first day.”

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