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Netflix’s Loss of Subscribers Might Push the Company to Have Fewer Funded Films, According to Director Jane Campion

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Oscar-winning director Jane Campion worries Netflix might be picky about projects it backs in the future following its loss of subscribers.

The filmmaker told the BBC that her latest movie, The Power of the Dog, “couldn’t have been made” without the funding of Netflix. 

Yet, the streaming behemoth has seen a 200,000 decline in subscribers, price decrease, and redundancy. And The Hollywood Reporter said Netflix currently wants to avert its efforts on making bigger and better, yet fewer films. 

“I do think they’re going to be more picky about other projects or, maybe, what’s sad is not taking risks on people without names,” says Campion. 

Though she believes Netflix may be more cautious in the future, Campion is confident the company will continue to support his projects.

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“I don’t think it would be hard for me if I wanted to do something because I’ve established a relationship, and they’re incredibly loyal,” Campion adds. 

When asked about the claims that Netflix gave her a budget “north of $30 million” to produce The Power of the Dog, she laughs, saying: “They didn’t offer me that much, that would have been nice. They offered something close-ish and no, the film couldn’t have been made without them because we took it to the market and there were several different people interested. But we had budgeted the cost of it, and the only people that were willing to go near that was Netflix.” 

The Power of the Dog’s cast and crew, which included Benedict Cumberbatch, bagged numerous statuettes and trophies across different award shows, including the Baftas. 

It secured 12 Oscar nominations; however, it snagged only one – for Campion for the best director category. But it lost against Coda, a family drama, in the best picture category. 

“With the Academy, it seemed that Coda really captured the hearts of people. It was an easier film to understand and, you know, that’s the way it went, and I’m happy for them,” Campion said.

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