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‘Significant Other’ Filmmaker Says the Movie is ‘The Best Anti-Date Movie Possible’

Significant Other

If you want to watch Significant Other, you might want to give it some thought before settling down in front of the television with your, uh, significant other.

Dan Berk, who served as writer and director of the film with longtime collaborator Robert Olsen, jested that they describe the film as “the best anti-date movie possible.”

“We do like to sometimes call it [that] because there’s definitely a lot of people that are going to be watching it in the audience tonight, and at home starting tomorrow, that are in a relationship – at a certain point in their relationship – that while the movie’s playing, they’re gonna be [side-eyeing their partner,” he stated in an interview in EW’s New York Comic Con studio, with Olsen and actors Maika Monroe and Jake Lacy. 

In Significant Other, Monroe and Lacey portray a couple planning a remote backpacking vacation in the Pacific Northwest. However, a series of disturbing events makes them realize that everything is not as they thought.

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What You Only Need to Know About Significant Other

Olsen, who confessed that he doesn’t like watching trailers of the movies he intends to watch, said that’s all he’ll reveal about the film.

“It’s always the less you know, the better. There’s a lot of movies out there that you don’t want to know,” he states, referencing the latest horror movie Barbarian as an example. 

“When you tell someone to go see that, you’re like, ‘You don’t want to know anything about it, just go see it.’ And so, we try to have it be as much as that as possible.” 

Berk then said, “Enough press has entered the discourse that some of the genre cues we’re playing with aren’t necessarily a secret, but you can say to someone it’s like a romantic drama wrapped in a sci-fi thriller sprinkled with horror with a little comedy glaze on it.” 

If you want more information on Significant Other – including what brought Monroe and Lacy to the film, what it was like shooting in the woods, and more – watch the interview.

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