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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” Surpassed James Cameron’s “Avatar” in Its Gross Domestic Earnings

Photo: Vanity Fair

Spider-Man has become the third highest-grossing film in US history, announced Sony. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has now made history for being able to top James Cameron’s “Avatar.” 

“No Way Home” beats “Avatar” by $760.988 million (with Avatar only grossing to $760.5 million). It is mainly due to a Valentine’s Day sweep of $1.615 million, pushing the latest Marvel box office hit over the line. 

“No Way Home,” with Tom Holland and Zendaya as lead actors, was released in the US on December 17. The milestone came 60 days after it hit the cinemas. 

It is the newest installment in a popular franchise, and it sits at $1.8 billion globally before its China release. It puts them joint eighth on their international all-time list for highest grossing movies with “Avatar.” 

The sci-fi movie by James Cameron has been battling off Disney-owned films since the moment it boosted to the summit of the US box office in 2009. In 2015, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (currently at number one) bested “Avatar,” then later in 2019, “Avengers: Endgame” (currently at number two) surpassed the film. 

“Black Panther” currently stands at fifth place after “No Way Home” and “Avatar,” with “Avengers: Infinity War,” “Titanic,” “Jurassic World,” “The Avengers,” and “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” closely following at the tenth place.

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