RuPaul’s Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Drops in August

Photo: EW

Mabuhay, Pilipinas!

Drag Race Philippines is seeing the light of day with 12 new queens expected to compete in season 1. 

Mama RuPaul’s most recent international edition of the award-winning reality race series highlights a mixed bag of drag styles featuring the Filipino Werk Room, such as a pageant queen title holder, comedy divas, dancers, and established makeup artists all eyeing the title for Drag Race Philippines

Previously, EW announced that Drag Race 4 and All Stars 6 star Jiggly Caliente would enter the series as a judge, with KaladKaren, an impersonator of journalist Karen Davila, and Paolo Ballesteros, a Filipino actor, comedian, and impersonator. 

KaladKaren and Jiggly are the first duo of trans women ever to head a Drag Race franchise panel together. 

“I am overjoyed in a major way to be joining the judges panel for Drag Race Philippines,” Jiggly told EW. 

“There is a fierce Filipino drag scene, and I am proud to be returning to my home country in this new role as a Drag Race judge to shine a spotlight on these incredible artists to the world – or the universe, rather. Pak! Mabuhay, Drag Race!” 

Drag Race Philippines drops August 17 on WOW Presents Plus. Most series episodes are primarily presented in English, with some junctures in Tagalog, the Philippines’ primary language. 

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Drag Race Philippines Queens

Presenting the queens of season 1!


Official bio: “Brigiding is one of the most prominent names in the Philippine drag scene. She is known for her extravagant looks and show-stopping performances and has been featured in Pride parades and drag events both in the Philippines and abroad. She is also one of the founders of Drag Playhouse PH, a local drag content and entertainment provider.”


Official bio: “A crowned pageant queen with a list of titles on her sash, Corazon has jumped from one beauty contest to another competing in both male bikini contests and provincial Miss Gay events and talent shows. In addition to drag, Corazon is a makeup artist and a designer; creating looks for fellow drag and beauty queens alike.”

Eva Le Queen

Official bio: “Eva Le Queen worked as an OFW in Singapore for eight years before giving up her corporate profession to follow her dream of becoming a drag artist. During the day she would work corporate, but at night she worked as a drag queen. Eva won first runner-up in Singapore’s Drag It Out All-Stars competition, only four months after she started doing drag. Eva’s drag is inspired by literary and cinematic villains. Her strengths are in being both a comedy queen and her looks. Eva is a resident queen at Nectar Nightclub and is also one of the founders of Drag Playhouse PH.”

Gigi Era

Official bio: “Gigi Era is the diva from Down Under. Hailing from Melbourne, she is popular in the Australian drag scene for her death-defying stunts and fabulous real-hair wigs. Gigi was a former dancer and airplane cabin crew member based out of Dubai. She is now back in the Philippines representing her hometown, Davao.”

Lady Morgana

Official bio: “A proud Davao queen who has been doing drag for more than 15 years, Lady Morgana is a true classic drag queen. With her spider lashes, high brows, creative wigs, and out-of-the-box costumes, Lady Morgana is known for her comedic and hosting skills, always making sure that her performances are sprinkled with love, laughter, and feelings. She works as a financial advisor during the day.”

Marina Summers

Official bio: “Marina Summers is a fierce tropical queen known for her fish looks, hot body, exceptional dancing, and all-around performances. Her drag name stems from her love for the beach. Marina left her bucolic hometown of Nueva Vizcaya and moved to Manila to create content for one of the biggest film companies in the country. She began performing as a drag queen in 2019 and recently released her debut single “I Have Arrived” on Spotify and iTunes. She performs regularly at Nectar Nightclub and is another one of the founders of Drag Playhouse PH.”

Minty Fresh

Official bio: “Minty Fresh serves looks that kill all day, every day. She is a model, designer, pop singer, make-up artist, and performer. A staunch supporter of LGBTQIA+ rights, she slays the stage weekly at Nectar Nightclub. Ariana Grande reposted Minty’s lip-sync performance on her Instagram story as she led hundreds of thousands of people in an election sortie in Manila.”

Precious Paula Nicole

Official bio: “Precious Paula Nicole is one of the most known Filipino drag queens, having been in the drag scene for more than 11 years. She is a professional dancer and is also known for her comedy shticks and impersonation of divas such as Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Asia’s songbird, Regine Velasquez. A star performer at O Bar, the premier drag club in the Philippines, she is a mother to a host of other popular drag queens.”


Official bio: “Prince is known on social media for her make-up transformations. Before joining Drag Race Philippines, Prince was a social media strategist and is relatively new to the Philippine drag scene. Prince’s drag is heavily influenced by sci-fi and anime, and believes that extraterrestrial looks have a space in Philippine drag. Prince is also one of the co-founders of Drag Playhouse PH. Aside from doing drag, she manages her own make-up and merchandise line.”


Official bio: “Turing has been a professional drag artist for more than seven years, performing in one of the most known drag bars in the Philippines, O-Bar. A Broadway fan and a theater kid who used to be a cheerleader in college, Turing is known in the drag scene as a fierce dancer and a lip-sync slayer. She has openly discussed how drag has made her feel more comfortable in her skin, and is a strong advocate for body positivity.”

Viñas DeLuxe

Official bio: “Viñas DeLuxe is a triple threat and an all-in-one package. She started doing drag while at university with a background in theater that helped harness her sharp wit, performance skills, and knack for comedy. Viñas DeLuxe owns a wig business and has built a strong social media presence. She is also in a drag group called Te Divine Divas, who gained popularity during the pandemic, mounting digital performances and live streams worldwide.”


Official bio: “Xilhouete is respected in the drag scene in Manila. She is the creative director and one of the owners of Nectar Nightclub. Xilhouete is considered a drag mother of many queens, especially those who are regular performers at Nectar. An entrepreneur, director, and artist, Xilhouete advocates for the legacy of the drag queens who have paved the way.”

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