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Taylor Lautner Reflects on Infamous 2009 VMA Moment with Taylor Swift and Kanye West

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner, best known for his role in the Twilight series, recently opened up about a moment in his career that he wishes he could revisit.

In 2009, he presented Taylor Swift with an award at the Video Music Awards (VMAs), but he was unprepared for what happened next.

Swift’s acceptance speech was famously cut short by Kanye West, who seized the opportunity to claim that Beyoncé should have received the honor instead. The interruption caught Lautner off guard, and he was powerless to stop it from happening while he was on stage.

In a recent interview on The Squeeze podcast, he admitted that he dropped the ball in that moment, saying, “I was unaware that the Kanye thing was not a skit.” 

The incident has since become one of the most talked-about moments in pop culture history, and Lautner admitted he wished he had been more prepared for what happened on stage that night.

Despite that moment, he has appeared in numerous films and TV shows with great success. But his VMA incident in 2009 remains a memorable moment that he wishes to revisit and handle differently.

Lautner Regrets

He gave Taylor Swift the trophy for the best female video for the song “You Belong With Me.”

Lautner explained why he didn’t step in to stop West from interrupting Swift’s speech. According to Lautner, he simply thought it was all part of the plan. 

He said that he couldn’t hear or see what was happening and assumed that the whole thing was a practiced and rehearsed skit. “It just didn’t make sense,” he added.

“I can barely hear it. I can’t see them. I’m just assuming this whole thing was a practiced and rehearsed skit, because why else would Kanye West be jumping on the stage interrupting Taylor Swift?” He said. “It just didn’t make sense.”

Therefore, Lautner was caught on camera laughing and giggling in the background during West’s comments, as he fully assumed that the two were crushing it onstage together. He said, “I’m like, ‘I can’t hear them, but this is probably really funny right now.'”

However, later, he realized Swift wasn’t laughing. 

“He jumped off. She finished [her speech],” he stated. “The second she turned back around and I saw her face for the first time, I was like, ‘Oh no. That wasn’t good. Probably should’ve said something.'”

However, Lautner finally got his chance to defend Swift’s honor during his SNL hosting gig in 2013. He performed a complex fight sequence that concluded with him punching the West mannequin’s head off, and nearly kissing a mannequin version of Swift. 

The scene received a lot of attention and was well received by the audience, who cheered and laughed at his performance.

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Connection Between Them

Lautner and Swift were two of the biggest names in entertainment in the late 2000s and early 2010s. 

While they were never officially in a romantic relationship, they had a close friendship that lasted for several years. The speculation surrounding their relationship started after they worked together on the 2009 romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day.

Fans were enamored with the idea of Lautner and Swift being a couple, and the two did little to dispel the rumors. 

They were often seen together, and it seemed that they had a strong connection. However, despite the rumors and speculation, the two never confirmed that they were in a romantic relationship.

In an interview with Parade magazine, he spoke about his friendship with Swift and said, “She’s just a great person, and that’s what makes her beautiful inside and out. She’s just a sweet, sweet girl, and I’m lucky to know her.” 

Meanwhile, Swift has been quoted saying, “Taylor [Lautner] is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He’s just so genuine and sincere, and he’s so much fun to be around.”

Although Lautner and Swift never officially confirmed that they were in a relationship, they remained close friends for several years. 

However, over time, their friendship faded, and they eventually went their separate ways. Today, Lautner is married and has a family, while Swift continues to be one of the biggest names in music.

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Shark Boy

Lautner is a well-known American actor, model, and martial artist who rose to fame in the late 2000s. Born on February 11, 1992, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he began his career in entertainment at a young age. 

He started modeling when he was just six years old and eventually transitioned to acting.

Lautner first gained recognition for his role as Sharkboy in the 2005 film, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. He continued to take on small roles in various films and television shows, but it was his character as Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise that really put him on the map.

He played the werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight series, which was based on the best-selling novels by Stephenie Meyer. 

The franchise was a huge success and made Lautner one of the most recognizable faces in the world. He was highly praised for his portrayal of Jacob and became a household name among fans of the series.

Aside from acting, Lautner is also known for his martial arts skills. He started training in martial arts when he was just seven years old and is a black belt in karate. He has also trained in other forms of martial arts, including kung fu, taekwondo, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He has also modeled for several major brands, including Calvin Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch. He has graced the covers of numerous magazines and has been named one of the sexiest men alive by various publications.

In addition to his acting and modeling careers, he is also famous for his charitable work. He has supported various causes, including children’s hospitals and animal rights organizations.

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