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Taylor Swift’s Midnights Announcement Spark Easter Egg Hunting

Taylor Swift has, again and again, made a new era for her tracks. 

The singer-songwriter confirmed at the 2022 VMAs that her next album release will be her long-awaited 10th studio album, Midnights, rather than one of her re-recorded albums as many had assumed.

Fans know all too well that the legend loves Easter eggs. After two unexpected releases with Evermore and Folklore, Swift has returned to drop patterns of the past with one announcement and bit-by-bit information.

In short, we cannot sit still and wait. We need to investigate: so, here is information about Midnights from EW.

A lead single hasn’t been announced yet, but Swift teased her Easter egg-giving on Sept. 21 by revealing it will be released randomly track by track in a video series called Midnights Mayhem With Me on TikTok.

These song titles have already been announced in the series: “Question…?” (7), “Vigilante S—” (8), and “Mastermind” (13). 

After Swift veered away from the themes of her last two albums, the songs spark a comeback to something more personal.

In her announcement of Midnights, Swift called it “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.” 

“This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams,” she said on the note. 

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“The floors we pace and the demons we face. For all of us who have tossed and turned and decided to keep the lanterns lit and go searching – hoping that just maybe, when the clock strikes twelve… we’ll meet ourselves.” 

Perhaps this means that while the album’s title is evocative, it will feature a mix of darker and lighter songs, as well as a mix of different genres.

Swift Collaborators on Midnights

Notably, Swift has a longtime relationship with Target. And like what she has done in the past, an independent bonus edition of the album, which has been titled the Lavender Edition, is available there. 

This new edition consists of three bonus tracks, two of which are mixes, per the product’s Target page. The songs will sadly not be available on other album editions. 

Meanwhile, the icon has remained tight-lipped on any possible collaborations. But, in the behind-the-scenes clip posted on her Instagram handle, longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff – who had contributed to producing songs on previous albums 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore – can be spotted, hinting that he is part of the Midnights creation too.

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