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The Driver Ape Racing Club Zooms Past Competition and Heads Towards the Metaverse as a High-Utility NFT

It would seem that non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs, have blown up the digital market for several acknowledged reasons ever since 2021. As the world rings in the new year, many promising brands are showcasing their very own NFT projects in the hopes of making it big in the ever-changing metaverse. Even though non-fungible tokens were met with sundry criticisms due to their quirky disposition, this piece of blockchain tech has proven itself to be a prime candidate for the advancement of the digital market in the modern world.  

NFTs are technically digital assets that symbolize real-life items like artwork, videos, in-game items, music, photos, animated GIFs, and so much more. These digital assets use cryptocurrency as their primary form of payment, with the option of buying and selling them online. At the most, NFTs are customarily coded with the same fundamental software as most cryptos and inhabit the blockchain just like them. 

As the market for these distinct fragments of technology advances, developers are definitely beyond thrilled to launch their very own projects, including the team behind the Driver Ape Racing Club, a vast collection of 7,777 high-utility NFT apes set to populate the Solana blockchain once minting takes place. 

Inspired by the celebrated saga “Planet of the Apes” and the clothing brand Bape, the developers of this particular NFT project, have considered it instinctive to choose apes to represent their token. Each Driver Ape NFT’s design is distinct from each other and is inspired based on the project’s partnership with ten of the world’s most celebrated car groups and car influencers. Of course, the team’s marketing strategy is directed towards real and existing NFT and car groups. 

The Driver Ape Racing Club is also the world’s first-ever high utility NFT by providing its holders access to many virtual and real-life events, including actual prestigious car races, real-world Karting tournaments, an immersive experience in the racing world, and so much more.

“To join DARC is to be part of the most exclusive racing club. It is to be part of a revolutionary project that plans to connect car enthusiasts with events in the physical world and on the metaverse,” the developers explain.

Staying true to their words, the team behind this anticipated NFT is undoubtedly ready to establish their project with the desire to make it last long term. Through their extensive roadmap, DARC’s developers have established a profit-established goal to ensure that their holder’s investments are highly profitable, which can be made possible by implementing several strategies after the launch, increasing the NFT’s floor price.

According to the team, their plans of existing for the long term will include investing over $200,000 in marketing campaigns for their initial launch sale. In addition, they will continue to inject money into influencer marketing campaigns to keep the momentum going around the project.

“We want to ensure that our holder’s NFTs will stand through the test of time, and we believe that the most optimum way of doing it is by heading towards multiple advertising campaigns even after the initial sales are over,” they shared.

No definite date has been given when the project is set to launch, but the developers have indicated that once their official Discord channel has reached 20,000 members, VIPs will be whitelisted to join the NFT’s pre-sale. As soon as it officially launches, minting is possible through the DARC’s official website.

To learn more about this promising high utility NFT, head to DARC’s website. For updates, check out their Instagram, Twitter, or you can join their dedicated Discord channel.

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