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Ahmad Samu’el Shares His Passion-Driven Spirit and Story of Success to Inspire Hopefuls in the Music Industry

Dreaming is one thing, but believing in and materializing it is a whole other story. Countless aspirants are told to envision themselves clothed with success, but they are never given a strict guidebook on how and where to begin striving for triumph. They are only told to maintain certain characteristics that allow these artists to keep them going. As someone who climbed the summits of success on his own, Ahmad Samu’el shared that his passion-driven spirit and persevering attitude had been his primary driving forces in his quest for excellence. Rising through the ranks, he aims to inspire artists through his distinctive artistry and tale of trials and triumphs.

This multi talented artist from Jacksonville, Florida, is currently making waves across the realms of music entertainment industry. Ahmad Samu’el is widely recognized not only for the tracks he has created but also for his incredible desire to serve as a source of motivation for other artists. Through his brilliant and purpose-driven initiatives, he is on his way to transforming his vision into action.

Growing up, Ahmad Samu’el has always had an astonishing relationship with music. When he was in middle school and high school, he played several instruments in school bands. He also got himself into songwriting when his language teacher encouraged him to take up poetry. She told him “music is a unique language that expresses mood, attitude and feeling. You set the tone and paint the vision for your fans and audience”. 

Throughout the years, Ahmad realized his unparalleled passion for music and set out to carve a success-enabling path in the industry. Along with his quest to secure a coveted position in the music realm, he also found zeal for the business, which shaped his ambition of becoming an artist and entrepreneur one day.

Fueled by his desire, Ahmad Samu’el has managed to cement his reputation as an artist. This songwriter and producer is well-known for his unique approach that falls along the genres of jazz, hip hop, and R&B. Ahmad’s hit singles, “Cruise Control,” “Put It on My Tab,” and “SRT Hellcat ” highly reflect the artist’s talents, as well as his passion for the craft. “Music has always been my paradise, serving as my escape from the real world,” shared Ahmad.

On top of being a passion-driven Artist, Ahmad Samu’el has also taken significant strides in the music industry through his branding, Mix Therapy Entertainment. A state of the art studio based out of Jacksonville Florida. He wanted to become a change-making force in the industry that led future artists to the pinnacles of their careers. “I wanted to be the lighthouse that guides aspirants towards the future of their dreams,” said Ahmad. Since then, he has been creating projects that boost the careers of those under his wing and inspire artists  to strive for excellence. He is also currently working on a personal project, which is his album, book and screenplay.

Carving a success-enabling path is not easy, but Ahmad Samu’el has managed to demonstrate that difficulties are part of the process. So long as one is committed to materializing their dreams, success is within arm’s reach. Through his story of success, Ahmad aims to become the light that future artists need to achieve their dreams in the years to come. “There’s no GPS to the road of success. You got make and find your own path,” said by Ahmad Samu’el.

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