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Art, Music, and Philanthropy Collide at The Art of Elysium’s Art Salon Honoring Sébastien Léon

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Sourced photo

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The Art Salon, a prestigious initiative by The Art of Elysium Charity, held an unforgettable event to pay tribute to visual artist Sébastien Léon. On the evening of July 12th, 2023, Los Angeles, California, The Art of Elysium played host to a captivating gathering of art enthusiasts, philanthropists, and prominent personalities.

Founded by the remarkable Jennifer Howell, The Art of Elysium is a renowned charitable organization dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of the arts for communities and individuals in need. Their extensive range of programs, spanning over 100 monthly initiatives, touches the lives of more than 300,000 people each year. From bringing music to children in hospitals to delivering artistic experiences to those in hospice care, the organization brings joy and healing through the arts.

One of the most dedicated volunteers of The Art of Elysium, Sébastien Léon, has left an indelible mark through his artistic contributions. Originally from France and now residing in Los Angeles, Léon is a talented multi-media artist known for his exploratory and thought-provoking work. His art seamlessly blends various techniques, such as painting, sculpture, and installations, to create immersive experiences. Léon’s masterpieces delve into themes of identity, memory, and the essence of being human, providing viewers with a unique perspective on life’s intricate complexities.

As the clock struck seven, guests made their grand entrance, greeted by the radiant glow of a neon Heaven sign—a playful homage to the charity’s iconic event and its name. Dressed to impress, a diverse array of attendees from various backgrounds and industries shared a common love for the arts and a profound commitment to the charity’s mission.

During the cocktail hour, the atmosphere was as delectable as it was vibrant. Terra Firma generously provided a delightful spread of fondue, charcuterie, and a carefully curated selection of fine wines and champagnes. In a nod to Léon’s French heritage, signature French 75 cocktails added an elegant touch to the evening.

The highlight of the event was the unveiling of Léon’s exclusive limited edition print, “The Dream Machine.” Attendees had the extraordinary opportunity to acquire a piece of Léon’s captivating artwork for $100.00 per print, with only 100 pieces available. Those interested in owning this remarkable piece can make their purchase through the charity’s website at https://www.theartofelysium.org/artprints/sebastien-leon-the-dream-machine-limited-edition-print.

Enhancing the event’s enchanting ambiance, Claude Fontaine, an acclaimed artist known for her soulful melodies, took the stage alongside guitarist Kleber Jorge. Their three-song set, performed to an enraptured audience during the cocktail hour, added a layer of artistic appreciation to the proceedings.

Following the musical interlude, guests were escorted to the elegant Restoration Hardware art salon. There, they savored a sumptuous French dinner meticulously crafted by esteemed chefs Damien Sylvester and Quinn Goodness, along with the skilled team from Catering of Paris. The menu featured three delectable savory crepes, including vegan options, complemented by a mouthwatering dessert crepe and a vibrant selection of French salads.

During the evening, Maureen Lee Consilvio, Development Director, and the CEO & Founder Jennifer Howell delivered insightful speeches, highlighting The Art of Elysium’s mission and the profound healing power of art. The dinner was followed by an engaging Q&A session featuring Sébastien Léon and The Art of Elysium Founder Jennifer Howell, delving into the artist’s creative process and its deep connection to the #artheals mission.

The event drew an impressive roster of notable guests, including Sébastien Léon, Claude Fontaine, Alicia Witt, Christina Hendricks, Dr. Jay Wellons, Dr. Melissa Wellons, Melanie Pullen, Charlayne Woodard, and other respected figures from the art and philanthropic communities. Their presence further elevated the celebration of art’s transformative influence and its ability to inspire healing and positive change.

With the Art Salon’s event honoring Sébastien Léon hailed as a resounding success, the worlds of art, music, and philanthropy collided, forging a memorable evening that celebrated the magic of art and its potential to ignite change and spread joy.

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