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Bangladeshi Model Rawan Ahmed Choudhury on Inspiring His People to Conquer the Global Stage

Bangladesh is home to the manufacturing sites of many fashion brands distributed globally. But despite the country being recognized for its garments, it lacks the face that could represent it in the global fashion scene. For years, Bangladeshi models have been striving to earn the spotlight but did not get the avenue they deserve for their talent. Rawan Ahmed Choudhury wants to change that narrative and put the Bangladeshi face on the map, changing the reality for Bangladesh and establishing the country not only for its garments but as a powerhouse for talented models capable of conquering runways and gracing the covers of top magazines. 

Rawan shared that Bangladesh is a pool of many talents, but societal and parental pressures often prevent such individuals from pursuing their dreams. Modeling, sadly, is not as appreciated as a career in Bangladesh as other white-collar professions, such as engineering, medicine, or working in a corporate setting. With his passion for modeling and talent for promoting both Bangladeshi and international fashion brands, Rawan aims to turn things around for the better. 

Rawan aspires to turn his gift into a purpose and be the pioneer of change. He wants to put the Bangladeshi face on the map and inspire others who have the potential to go out there and build their own careers in modeling, regardless of what the people around them might think or say. By amplifying his courage in following his dreams, Rawan believes he is raising the next generation of strong, fearless Bangladeshi dreamers ready to represent their country on the international stage. 

“In life, I believe you have two options: staying average or striving every single day to become the finest version of yourself. I believe in a higher self, our highest calling that serves the highest purpose. This version of you will require you to constantly improve yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. By doing so, you’re constantly manifesting, creating, and executing the life of your dreams, finding your purpose and doing so with passion,” the model explained.

Rawan believes his role as a model goes beyond representing brands. He also works hard to be a role model for others, someone they can look up to as a positive source of light and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual inspiration. In addition, he wants to promote a healthier lifestyle across his platforms and create a holistic lifestyle in the modeling world. To do so, Rawan strives to set an example in terms of what he eats, how he lives, building healthy habits, taking care of his wellness, and surrounding himself with like-minded people. 

“Being a model is not just looking pretty for the camera before a shoot. Being a model should be actually living up to the true meaning of being somebody everybody looks up to as a role model,” said Rawan. “Health investment is the best investment that pays you the greatest dividends and rewards that monetary rewards can’t buy. It’s priceless!”

Rawan gained the recognition he was working hard for by winning the BIFA 2022 Best Model of the Year Award, but he aims for greater heights. He sees himself winning GQ Man of the Year of Vogue’s Sexiest Man Alive soon and wants to start an acting career in Hollywood and Bollywood. 

“I want to be the first Bangladeshi man to break through the barriers and create a pathway for my people that they can do it too,” Rawan shared. 

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