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Compass Music Group Redefines Creative Collaboration in Community-Centric Model, “Project Collab”

Compass Music Group Redefines Creative Collaboration
Photo Courtesy: Compass Music Group / @compassmusicgroup

By: Marlon Allen

Compass Music Group stands as a leader, revolutionizing the music industry with its unique community-centric approach. At the core of this model are the “Project Collab” events and meet-ups, setting the stage for musicians to converge and explore collaborative opportunities not only in music but also in fashion and film. This innovative concept challenges the norms of an industry often plagued by overspending and time waste.

Marlon Allen, the visionary behind Compass Music Group, drew inspiration from the successes of legendary figures like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Pharrell. Current stars such as Vince Staples, Tyler the Creator, and Childish Gambino further fueled Marlon’s vision of a space where music serves as a catalyst for creativity in the realms of film and fashion. In Marlon’s own words, “The industry is so saturated with millions of songs being released every week… artists need a space that doesn’t just include music. We need to spotlight the creative, not just the musician.”

One distinctive aspect introduced by Marlon is the focus on the holistic creative process. Recognizing that music is not an isolated entity, he established a space where artists could delve into recording, fashion, and film opportunities. This holistic approach is a paradigm shift, challenging the industry’s traditional compartmentalization. The concept is called “Project Collab.”

Breaking away from the norm, Compass Music Group prioritizes the relationship between the label and the artist. Artists participating in recording events have the unique advantage of retaining their share of the creations, breaking down barriers and fostering a more collaborative environment. This alteration in dynamics between labels and artists is a testament to Compass Music Group’s commitment to nurturing creativity.

The label extends its influence beyond music, collaborating with local companies such as “Die Lit Threadz” and “Bean World” to incorporate a fashion angle. Compass Music Group will be assisting Bean World by supplying music for Greenville, South Carolina’s first collaborative fashion show. Marlon’s team is actively pursuing funding to solidify the film component of Compass Music Group’s trifecta. This multi-dimensional approach sets the label apart, positioning it as a comprehensive platform for artists to explore and showcase their talents across various creative domains.

A significant milestone for Compass Music Group is the impending release of their debut album, “Odyssey,” scheduled for June 12, 2024. This follows the success of the debut single “Pop Ya Sh*t,” which garnered an impressive 50,000 plus streams within two months on streaming platforms. The creation of “Odyssey” involved a two-day recording event in Atlanta with 12 artists collaborating with renowned producers from The Drum Firm, D.Sims, and P. Raw. These producers, known for their work with artists like Megan Thee Stallion, Lobby Boyz, and Young Thug, add a layer of prestige to Compass Music Group’s projects. Marlon shares: “Without the connection of Karima, I would not have found The Drum Firm to deliver on this crazy project.” Karima is known in the industry as a dot connector for artists, working with the likes of Benny The Butcher, Baby Tate, & Def Jam as a whole.  

Marlon envisions a paradigm shift in the industry’s recording practices, stating, “We are set to have five to six Project Collab recording events a year, with four confirmed for 2024.” Compass Music Group is poised to deliver more than five albums annually. This ambitious plan underscores the label’s commitment to fostering collaborative albums and redefining the pace of music creation.

To participate in Project Collab events, artists pay a subscription fee of $20 – $50 per month. This grants them access to 12-hour recording sessions, music production, syncing possibilities, and collaborations in fashion and film. This unique model reflects Compass Music Group’s dedication to providing a comprehensive and accessible platform for artists to thrive.

The label operates through three cohorts, each contributing to the vibrant Compass Music Group community. The founding club in Atlanta, the Carolinas (encompassing North Carolina & South Carolina), and the AUC cohort, which involves students in learning about the music industry while providing networking opportunities. The AUC cohort introduces a unique twist, engaging students in a dynamic learning experience.

The transition to a community model proved to be a strategic move for Compass Music Group. The label witnessed a surge in membership applications, receiving 290 submissions within two days. Marlon acknowledges the success of this shift, stating, “We know we are going in the right direction with this new model.” As applications continue to rise, Compass Music Group remains adaptable, ensuring they cater to the evolving needs of artists, and fostering continuous growth within their community.

In conclusion, Compass Music Group’s innovative approach goes beyond the conventional boundaries of the music industry. With “Project Collab” at its core, the label is not only reshaping how music is created but also redefining the collaborative possibilities within fashion and film. As “Odyssey” approaches its release date, the industry watches closely, recognizing Compass Music Group as a catalyst for artists, setting the stage for a new era in the music landscape.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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