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DJ Don Nova Is Taking Over the Music Industry in Style

Following the tremendous success of his five-track EP in 2021 on multiple streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, rising artist and DJ personality DJ Don Nova is looking forward to releasing his new album set to drop in the fourth quarter of 2022. 

DJ Don Nova, also known as Don Noble, is a multi-talented artist from Queens, New York. He has built a reputation for himself with his musical abilities, fashion sense, and business acumen. Using music as an avenue to express himself and connect with people from all walks of life, he is steadily rising through the ranks of the music industry. In addition to his talent, his passion for his craft and attitude towards life has enabled him to be the best at what he does.

The musician puts himself to high standards and always strives to create something of value that reflects his character. Furthermore, he believes in not imposing limitations on himself, thus paving the way for his versatility and ability to adapt to a range of musical genres. With his talent, DJ Don Nova has managed to perform with elite hip-hop artists and DJs around the US and build a solid international fanbase. 

When asked what sets him apart from others, DJ Don Nova insightfully said. “I feel like I have a lot of things that people can learn from. I can enlighten people on a lot of different things as well. As an artist DJ, people see how I put together fashion and incorporate that into my music as well.” 

DJ Don Nova firmly believes that the music industry is big enough and should be inclusive of everyone. Therefore, rather than competing with others, he concentrates his efforts on honing his skills and mastering his musical style. “I don’t feel like I have competition. The only person I’m really competing with is myself,” said DJ Don Nova. 

His desire to constantly improve knows no bounds, and he is always in pursuit of success and the chance to broaden his horizons. Following his breakthrough as a DJ, DJ Don Nova ventured into real estate and now works in a  real estate development and consulting firm in New York City. As his musical and entrepreneurial careers keep on progressing, most can agree that DJ Don Nova has what it takes to succeed in anything he puts his mind to.

DJ Don Nova hopes to connect with more people and establish a  global network in the near future, giving way to his plans of creating a conglomerate where he can integrate entertainment and real estate. On top of building his own brand, he also sees himself being a huge name in the entertainment industry with seven charting albums and winning the Grammys.

Showing no signs of slowing down soon, this is just the beginning of DJ Don Nova’s plans for himself in the future. He is an inspiration of how no goal is ever too big for someone willing to dream and work for it. 

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