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Emmy-Award Winner Marc Anthony Nicolas Discusses TV Producer Journey And How Patience Got Him To Where He Is

Marc Anthony Nicolas

Becoming a successful television producer doesn’t happen overnight. Given that producing takes years of practice, skill, and talent, it has to be worked for. Producers like Nick Antosca and Dick Wolf had years of experience in order to be where they are today. 

Although the experience is a necessity, it is crucial also to be patient when working towards becoming a television producer. For Marc Anthony Nicolas, patience was key and helped him get to where he is today. 

Nicolas is a two-time Emmy award-winning producer and is currently the Supervising Producer for “The Talk” on CBS. He was also recognized as being one of the “100 Most Influential Filipino Americans.” However, Nicolas’ journey to this point was a long one, but it allowed him to become a very successful television producer. 

Why did Nicolas want to become a producer? As a little kid, Nicolas became fascinated with television and all the different aspects it had to offer. He explains, “Ever since I was seven years old, I was obsessed with watching television. But I didn’t watch it for entertainment… I was mesmerized by the set, the dialogue, etc. At that age, I didn’t know what a producer was, but I knew that I wanted to be working in television. I remember asking my mom at the end of a television show, “Why are their names after the show?” She replied, “Those are the people that helped create the show.” And then I exclaimed, “Mom, my name is going to be at the end of a show one day. You wait and see!”  

It is crazy to think Nicolas knew what he wanted to pursue ever since he was young. Nicolas maintained different jobs throughout his life but kept working and working until he finally was able to land a job working in the TV industry. 

Although Nicolas wanted to be a part of the television industry ever since he was little, it was not easy for him to turn his dream into a reality. When Nicolas was trying to get into the field, he did everything in his power to get noticed by various networks. After sending out his resume to everyone he possibly could, there wasn’t much else he could do. At the time, he was working at a restaurant. 

One day his co-worker quit work for a TV show. Nicolas knew this could be his chance and asked to find out if there was an opening. Luckily enough, there was. Everything started to fall into play for Nicolas, and he had himself to thank for never giving up on his dream. 

Finally, getting a role in the TV industry was such a big accomplishment for Nicolas. However, he could not have gotten there without his parents and his hero. His parents were very supportive, yet did not have sufficient funds to provide the childhood imagined. Nicolas knew he had to work his hardest in order for his dreams to come true. His hero, Heather Gray, helped him get to where he is today and pushed him to be the best producer he could be. Gray passed away in July 2022 and was the Executive Producer of “The Talk.” 

What made Nicholas look up to Gray as a hero? “I’ve known her for over 15 years, and she was a bright light. Heather was battling cancer, and her challenges only made me realize how strong she was. We both were breaking barriers in the industry. She was the first black Executive Producer, and I was the first Filipino producer on The Talk. Both trying to break that glass ceiling.” The two had an incredible bond which allowed him to connect on many levels. 

Nicolas did not become a producer instantly and had to work hard for it. Before his role on “The Talk,” he also helped produce other shows, including “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” “The Tyra Banks Show,” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” He has had over 15 years of experience, and it is safe to say it paid off. 

What is the best advice from Marc Anthony Nicolas? “Use your voice. If there is something you want, speak it into existence. 

Tell people your dreams. Share what you want in life. No one knows what your dreams are if you remain mute. Once you do that, you’ll create a tribe of people who will help you along the way. If I didn’t tell my coworker at the restaurant to think of me if there is a PA position open, how would she know? If you want it, say it, and everything will fall into place.” Nicolas highlights – never give up on your dreams. 

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