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Enola Holmes: “A World That Needs Changing”

Unsurprisingly, a lot goes on in Harry Bradbeer’s recent film “Enola Holmes,” not only because of its twisted plots and mind-engaging ciphers but because of how it unravels dangerous social constructs. Running over two hours, it is a movie that is both entertaining and educational.

Enola Holmes is a mystery movie released on September 23, 2020. The film is based on the novel series by Nancy Springer, directed by “Fleabag” director Harry Bradbeer. This eye-opening movie is steeped in metaphors representing present social norms: the ubiquity of the problems and the action needed to break such practices.

This movie stars instant breakthrough British actress Millie Bobby Brown. Brown is not new at portraying characters displaying mature presence and proves to be a compelling actress. Her feisty portrayal of Enola Holmes once again earned her critical acclaim. Introduced as the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft Holmes, Enola Holmes is a teenager who can rival her famous brothers’ skills and intellect.

This film is like narrating the story of Sherlock Holmes but from the perspective of a woman. It proves that women in the past don’t get much appreciation even though they have the skills and intellect that can surpass most men.

Their mother, Eudoria Holmes (Helena Bonham Carter), enjoys puzzles and wordplays. So it is only natural for her to name her child “Enola,” which is the word “alone” spelled backwards. She always reminds Enola, “You’ll do very well on your own, Enola.” Eudoria never failed to teach everything to Enola, from reading different books, studying science, and learning martial arts. That will enable Enola to survive and fight for her life as she unravels dangerous mysteries and go on thrilling adventures. 

Following the clues, cryptic messages, and solving puzzles left by Eudoria, Enola searches for her mother and unexpectedly tackles many more mysteries in the process that also enabled her to help rehabilitate the complex society.

The movie is focused on how the main protagonist solves and unravels the mysteries that she encounters in her life. It is mainly about the young woman searching for herself. Nevertheless, it also emphasized the importance of familial bonds and how freedom and independence can shape a person’s personality.

The film succeeds in blending these significant issues with the experiences of our heroine. It also never failed to highlight the thrilling adventure that shows viewers that being alone does not entail being lonely. It also shifts to a violent ending that can be frightening sometimes.

Feminism is the film’s main thrust, and the movie “Enola Holmes” expressed the importance of women and youth in today’s society. In numerous scenes, Enola Holmes also taught a crucial lesson about equality and freedom and how a small change may significantly impact the entire community.

Enola Holmes is a film with a unique plot and strong characterization that helps it become well-known and garner favorable reviews from critics. It is included in the top ten most-watched Netflix movies of all time, with 76 million views in only 28 days. Because of its success, a sequel is already in the work. And without any snippets, trailers, or any possible plot, everyone is whooping to see what is there to explore and what facts will unravel to enlighten one’s mind.








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