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From Concept to Catwalk: Ale Monteiro’s Vision for the Future of SPFW

Ale Monteiro
Photo Credited to: Ale Monteiro Conexões Estratégicas

Director Ale Monteiro has much to celebrate as the fashion shows he oversaw as executive director at SPFW 56, featuring designers Renata Buzzo and Gefferson Vila Nova, were resounding successes. For him, the highlight of the fashion week was the reconnection with the individuality of each professional, something that, according to the director, had been fading over time.

“We witnessed a Fashion Week marked by individuality, something that had somewhat faded away, hasn’t it?! We started to see very conceptual and forgotten aspects of art, but this connection has been reestablished now. I worked with two brands, took on the creative direction of two projects, and I can confidently say that it’s backstage where things truly come to life,” he began. “Both shows were incredible because the designers wanted to convey a message, succeeded in doing so, and the audience understood it perfectly. It was all very spot-on,” he added. “Designer Renata Buzzo mentioned that our team served as a lifeline for her, providing peace of mind to make her work happen. With Gefferson, it was the same situation, as he was in Bahia and I was in São Paulo; it was my responsibility to ensure everything turned out as he had envisioned. It’s crucial for a professional like me to set aside my personal taste and embrace the designer’s vision as my own, as it’s not about me in reality, but about the brand; my role is to bring their vision to life,” he concluded.

And if the current success was impressive, that of 2024 promises to be even greater. In just a few days after the SPFW 56 shows, Ale and his team have already scheduled collaborations with 12 brands for the upcoming season. “Expectations are sky-high. Everything I’ve done this year, I intend to do on a larger scale and with even more excellence. I want to add glamour to everything I can and deliver personalized experiences. For that, my team and I are already meticulously planning every detail and preparing to ensure the success these brands deserve,” he said.

 Ale Monteiro

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“I operate on the premise that having a supported team enables them to work with greater happiness and creative freedom, something that is never lacking here. Additionally, we also prioritize humanization because it’s essential; everyone wants to feel special. For a while, many thought being ‘blasé’ was cool. In reality, it never was, but more and more, people who understand and embrace your projects are essential. This will never go out of style. I view this positive feedback as validation that we’ve done a great job and that details make a difference, even in such a bustling universe as SPFW.” 

 “As a director, my mission is to breathe life into the visions of designers, to amplify their messages, and to ensure that each runway reflects the essence of their creativity. In the world of fashion, it’s not about my taste; it’s about making their dreams a reality. Together with my dedicated team, we strive to bring out the uniqueness and individuality of every professional, revitalizing the spirit of fashion—one show at a time,”’ he concluded.

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