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Global Sensation Dua Lipa: Her Pop Ascent and Purpose-Driven Platforms

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There is no written rule demanding high-profile celebrities to capitalize on their platforms to make a difference in the lives of others, inspire change, and shed light on issues that matter. Yet, throughout her rise to the top, Dua Lipa banked on her voice for more than just music. This pop sensation behind numerous global hits continuously speaks up about the struggles that impact countless people worldwide and goes all-out in countering sexism in the industry. 

This powerhouse is an English singer, songwriter, and model whose journey to the forefront of the music scene began at the age of fourteen when she covered songs by artists and posted them on YouTube. In 2015, Dua Lipa signed with Warner Music Group and, soon afterward, would be taking the industry by storm not only with her record-breaking tracks and impressive discography but also with her distinctive artistry. 

Today, the 25-year-old three-time Grammy awardee is occupying a coveted spot at the summit. After snagging multiple achievements under her belt with the 2017 release of “New Rules,” a track that served as an anthem for women and girls all moving on from an ex, she continued to make waves by dropping “Don’t Start Now” and the critically-acclaimed album Future Nostalgia. So far, the Best Pop Vocal Album winner at the 2021 Grammy Awards has several Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles attached to her name, currently blowing up the social media app TikTok through her latest bop, “Levitating.”

Over the years, Dua Lipa has managed to leave an impression because of her readiness to talk about socially relevant issues, as well. Her videos have captured the interest of music enthusiasts worldwide for showcasing a diverse army of women, while her identity as an artist has earned her a significant following because of how it is rooted in fostering a sense of community and promoting acceptance, creativity, freedom, and more. 

Apart from being active in the entertainment industry, Dua Lipa is also often found initiating purpose-driven endeavors. In 2020, she kicked off the 24-hour One Humanity Live concert, performing a three-song set from her London abode and urging people to provide support to charities helping refugees in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, together with Lady Gaga, Olly Alexander, and Elizabeth Hurley, this pop icon lent Sir Elton John a hand in raising millions of dollars for his AIDS Foundation at the 93rd Academy Awards. 

Dua Lipa, who is often vocal about her activism and advocacies, delighted the members of the LGBTQ community when she danced around on stage and waved the pride flag during her tour stop in Los Angeles in February 2018. Three years later, she remains steadfast in her beliefs and committed to the mission of pushing for inclusivity and women empowerment in the music scene. 

More can be expected from Dua Lipa in the coming years. The superstar, who is behind the most-streamed album by a woman on Spotify in 2020, already has her name etched in history.

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