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Iranian Filmmaker Maryam Pirband – A Leading Voice for her People, Her Films Gaining Recognition Worldwide

Images internally provided
Images internally provided

Iran is home to a growing number of female filmmakers, and it’s not hard to see why. With the nation’s rich culture, diverse landscapes, and unique perspectives on life, Iran offers an unrivaled canvas for creative expression. As a result, Iran has produced some of the world’s most exciting cinema in recent years — Maryam Pirband is one of those driven women whose moves in the film industry have made her a notable personality to watch.

Maryam Pirband is a filmmaker and director known for her character-based films that explore social justice issues. Her films, including Dance With Me,” “Silence,” “P6,” “Dandelion Season,” and “My Portion,” have established her as one of the most exciting female filmmakers today.

Maryam’s film credits range from short films to feature films, documentaries and TV shows. Her journey began in Iran, where she studied directing before moving to Los Angeles on a green card for extraordinary artists. There, she attended Azusa Pacific University for her Master’s degree. “Fermysk” is an award-winning short film of her making that has earned her over 40 awards from different global film festivals. Not only does she create movies, but she also writes books; “Triangle” and “Where Am I Standing” were published in 2016 and 2018, respectively.

Maryam Pirband has been breaking new ground as a trailblazing female filmmaker for five years. She is the first female stuntwoman in Iran and the first and only female action director from Iran who’s received special invitations in the creation of feature films for foreign languages. She carries multiple degrees and awards in filmmaking, directing and scriptwriting. Her work is helping to pave the way for other young people striving to break down barriers and achieve their dreams.

Vertical,” her newly completed action/adventure/horror movie, has thrust Maryam Pirband into the spotlight and cemented her place as a significant player in the film industry. “I started my filmmaking journey in Iran, which was very tough,” she said. “There were just too many troubles attached, but I forged ahead regardless.” Today, Pirband is the first female stunt person in Iran with multiple degrees and awards in filmmaking, directing and scriptwriting.

Maryam Pirband hopes that by sharing her story and journey, she can inspire, motivate and encourage other upcoming female filmmakers. “I know the world can be close-minded, and the part of the world I come from has stringent rules for women trying to be themselves. However, I believe that we can change these things by being the perfect examples so that everyone can achieve success in the fields they desire and the world will go on without issues. I want to see women and young females live their lives to the fullest, pursue their dreams and make themselves proud. Whether it’s filmmaking or any other industry, nothing or nobody should stand in the way of a woman striving to make a living legally or pursue her dreams of making an impact in the world. I am proud of my sisters in Iran who started a new wave of freedom, shaking the brutal pattern of oppression in Iran.  ” she said

Maryam Pirband is a shining example of Iran’s female filmmakers challenging traditional gender roles and making their voices heard. Her work is groundbreaking, daring, and inspiring — all at once. With her innovative storytelling techniques, she continues to push boundaries and create a lasting impact on cinema.