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M for the Movement: Bringing Passion, Ethics, Morals and Unique Flair to the Hip-Hop/Pop Genre

M For The Movement
Photo Credited to: M For The Movement

The music industry blossoms under the influence of artists such as Mega Sean and J. Vision who form the groundbreaking duo, M for the Movement. Originating from Canada, these two have masterfully tapped into a unique blend of Hip-Hop/Pop, garnering a vibrant mix of fans and commanding the respect of not only the media but fellow artists as well.

The harmonic convergence of their individual strengths, has created a sound that has attracted attention from the world’s renowned artists such as Rihanna, Eminem’s D12, Grammy-nominated Reggae artist Wayne Wonder, among others. Their refreshing entry into Hip-hop has drawn them onto platforms like Hip Hop 101 hosted by Jadakiss, and fans can’t wait to hear their upcoming collaborations with platinum-selling artist Fat Joe and Juno-winning artist Choclair.

Born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga, Mega Sean, also known as The Tshirt King of the North, is no stranger to the scene. His childhood exposure to music culture, courtesy of his father’s popular nightclub, forged an unbreakable bond with music. Even with the dissolution of his early hip-hop groups – North Side Sound and Cryogenics, the entrancing lure of music saw him take on a solo trajectory. His dynamism wouldn’t go unnoticed, with his career traversing the commercial, advertising and hip-hop industries, accruing accolades like creating the catchy McDonald’s commercial and being part of the iconic rapping dairy farmers milk advert.

Mega Sean’s partner in crime, J. Vision, hails from Montreal and was raised in Hamilton. His fascination with cinema and performance-based storytelling conceived his attraction to dance as a medium for visual expression. Combining visual storytelling and auditory magic, J. Vision brings a vivid texture to M for the Movement’s sound, differing from the industry’s norm significantly.

Beyond their impressive music prowess, Mega Sean and J. Vision aim to breathe ethics and morals back into the music industry – a refreshingly novel approach in the present-day society. Their vision isn’t tethered by the boundaries of the popular-genre’s norm. Instead, they seek to create music that resonates with culture and real-life experiences, music that elicits healing in its listeners. Their mantra, “M is for the movement, M for the music, M for morals,” encapsulates their mission succinctly.

Their musical journey recently birthed an epic song, “I’m Alive,” in celebration of hip hop’s 50th anniversary. Beyond its commemorative significance, the song holds a deeply personal meaning for the duo. “I am very excited to put this song out because my wife, a member of the group had passed away last year – and it’s a reminder that life is short, so I’m alive – meaning hip-hop is still alive and I myself am still alive,” said Mega Sean, shedding light on the immense personal significance embedded within the track’s title.

The duo’s long-anticipated official album is marked for a 2023 third-quarter drop. The buoyant anticipation is only heightened by their recent sensational performance, as they opened for platinum-selling artist Sean Paul at the grand Sudbury concert.

M for the Movement has undoubtedly carved out their niche in the industry. Music producer J. Vision brings life to their sound with his distinct drum patterns and unique production style. Complementing his approach, Mega Sean brings his powerful voice, witty lyrics, and a keen sense of culture to their music, forming a yin-yang of talent that endlessly fascinates their fans.

With one foot firmly planted in the music roots, M for the Movement’s vision aims to reflect truth, promote culture, and heal the world through their music. In their quest to reintroduce ethics and morals in the music industry, this duo serves to remind us that hip-hop is still very much alive and that its potential for societal influence remains as potent as ever.

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