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Manisha Pratapsinh on Overcoming Hurdles in the Transportation Industry

Manisha Pratapsinh on Overcoming Hurdles in the Transportation Industry
Photo Courtesy: Adasat Barroso

By: Silvia Garcia

Mozambique is an East African country rich in natural resources, biologically and culturally diverse, and has a tropical climate. Many tourists visit it to immerse themselves in its heritage and enjoy its beautiful beaches. It’s what Manisha Pratapsinh, a Madrid-based civil construction machinery specialist turned entrepreneur, calls home. She moved from Mozambique to Portugal, then to France, before settling in Madrid, Spain. Yet beautiful as her home country might be, Manisha recognized a gap in the transportation industry.

Eventually, she decided to start her own bus company to provide transport services and livelihood to her fellow Mozambicans.

“It was a way to meet the needs of people in rural areas regarding their jobs. It wasn’t so difficult as I myself faced difficulties transporting construction materials to different places,” Manisha explained.

However, her journey to make this dream a reality wasn’t always a walk in the park.

One primary concern Manisha had was her gender. Transportation has been a male-dominated sector for some time, and it’s not easy for some to accept a woman breaking the glass ceiling and doing well.

“The major difficulty I had and still face is always having to prove that we are capable of making significant decisions, considering that women are considered the weaker sex,” Manisha said. “For a long time, I hid my business side out of fear of what people might say and judge me since it’s an area dominated by men.”

Nonetheless, life has a way of unfolding and letting everything fall into place, which Manisha learned when circumstances brought her closer to a group of strong women who encouraged Manisha to bring her entrepreneurial side into the light and ignore the negative comments others might say.

It gave her the much-needed confidence boost and inspired her to share the same message with other women.

“I always say that women are capable of reaching wherever they want. Never stop fighting for a place in society,” she said. “I demonstrate in practice that, regardless of gender, age, and social status, anything is possible with focus and determination.”

Besides providing Mozambicans with transportation services and livelihood, Manisha is also an advocate of diversity and inclusivity. She aspires to spread the message that one’s origin, ethnicity, or physical appearance should never be obstacles to achieving one’s goals. She believes that individuals can triumph regardless of their background, and her example sends a powerful message of empowerment and equality.

“This is my life philosophy; I carry this principle into my daily life, and it helps me overcome adversity,” Manisha said.

As challenging as being an entrepreneur might be, Manisha strives to be an appropriate role model, letting humility, honesty, commitment, and leadership guide her through life. Most importantly, she does her best to balance her work and personal life, all while acknowledging that she still needs to make some sacrifices to get the results she desires.

“I always prioritize God and my family, and then my business. I do my best to balance everything, but it’s not always easy. Life is made of sacrifices,” she concluded.

Despite the hurdles she faced, Manisha Pratapsinh’s determination propelled her forward in the male-dominated transportation industry. Overcoming the stereotype that women are incapable in such sectors, Manisha not only established her bus company but also became inspiration for other women aspiring to break barriers. Her journey underscores the importance of perseverance and self-belief in the face of societal norms that seek to limit one’s potential based on gender. By embracing her entrepreneurial spirit and refusing to succumb to doubt, Manisha not only transformed her own life but also uplifted her community by providing essential transport services and employment opportunities.


Published By: Aize Perez

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