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Pre-Launch Marketing to Boost Brand and Off-Amazon Traffic

Pre-Launch Marketing to Boost Brand and Off-Amazon Traffic
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Growing a business from zero is challenging, especially with rising competition. The “Velocity Sellers” podcast discussed this topic with senior marketing analyst Stephany Morrison and head of marketing Cutter Streby. This article distills their insights on effective strategies to boost your brand and drive traffic both on and off Amazon.

Starting vs. Growing a Brand

Streby highlighted the importance of visual cohesion and accessibility. Starting a brand means presenting basic information clearly and ensuring your product is easily recognizable across different platforms. Growing a brand, on the other hand, involves a narrative approach to engage the audience. Streby emphasized three key terms: hook, retain, and reward. Understanding your target customers and differentiating your product is crucial. Concept design and a strong brand avatar are essential for social media success.

For instance, if you’re selling a product like a Toddler Tower, targeting mothers precisely and crafting a story that resonates with them can significantly boost engagement. Streby noted that leveraging Amazon’s vast product database can help new sellers understand their competition and identify unique selling points that set their products apart.

Building Social Proof

Building SEO and visibility is challenging. Positive reviews can make a website more trustworthy. Morrison suggested collecting reviews from multiple platforms like Amazon and Shopify. A small gift with your product and a personalized letter can encourage positive reviews and build user-generated traffic.

Morrison also shared her strategy for collecting reviews: including a small gift with your product and a personalized note explaining the gift, sharing more about your company, and thanking the customer for their purchase. This gesture delights customers and encourages them to leave positive reviews, enhancing your brand’s credibility.

Establishing Your Customer Base

Social media is a powerful tool for building a customer base. Using social media to offer discounts before directing customers to Amazon can boost sales. Follow-up communication is essential. Both experts agreed that showing passion for your products will be rewarded over time.

Morrison emphasized the importance of using social media to build a loyal customer base. By offering exclusive discounts and engaging content, brands can drive traffic to their Amazon listings. Follow-up communication, such as sending promotional emails and updates, helps maintain customer connection. Streby added that personalizing interactions and genuine passion for your products can foster long-term loyalty.

Amazon Programs: Brand Referral Bonus & Buy with Prime

Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus lets you earn a bonus when using non-Amazon advertising to drive traffic to Amazon. This bonus offsets future referral fees. Morrison noted that this could increase Amazon’s Best Sellers rank and reduce the need for ads. The Buy with Prime feature builds trust and increases conversion rates, with an average increase of 25%.

The Brand Referral Bonus is a powerful tool for maximizing advertising efforts outside of Amazon. By using Amazon Attribution tags, sellers can track and earn bonuses on non-Amazon ads, effectively reducing their referral fees. Morrison highlighted the long-term benefits of this program, including improved organic rankings and decreased reliance on paid ads.

The Buy with Prime feature further enhances customer trust and conversion rates. Streby cited studies showing a 25% increase in conversion rates for brands utilizing this feature, making it a valuable addition to any seller’s toolkit.

Amazon’s Partnership with Meta

Amazon’s partnership with Meta (formerly Facebook) creates new traffic opportunities. Products bought from the Instagram shop can be utilized on Amazon. This cooperation also enhances data collection for both companies. However, Amazon will manage product selection on Meta.

The collaboration between Amazon and Meta opens new avenues for driving traffic. Sellers can leverage Meta’s vast user base to attract customers to their Amazon listings. This partnership also facilitates better data collection and targeted advertising, although Amazon will handle product selection for Meta platforms.

Final Thoughts and Tips

Running Google ads to Amazon listings using the brand referral bonus attribution link is effective. Research tools like Google Trends and SEMrush are valuable for SEO. Knowing your product and target audience and solving a specific problem is essential. Trust is critical, gained through transparency and informative content. A smart strategy involves suggesting related products to customers based on their purchases.

Implementing these strategies can help grow your business smartly and efficiently. As Morrison and Streby emphasized, the key to success lies in early planning, building a strong visual identity, leveraging social media, and utilizing Amazon’s programs to boost your brand. You can navigate the competitive landscape and achieve long-term growth with dedication and strategic planning.

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Published by: Nelly Chavez

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