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Olivia Rodrigo Emerges as One of Today’s Must-Watch Artists with Her Debut Album, Sour

Although the music scene is always evolving, the best songs and the greatest musicians will continue to appeal to different generations even in the course of many years. True enough, the hallmark of a laudable artist is the ability to create something that would stand against the test of time. In the case of up-and-coming pop phenomenon Olivia Rodrigo, it is shown that good music can win over a wide range of audiences. Today, this young star is making significant waves as she dominates the industry with her creative flair and distinctive artistry. 

Widely acknowledged for her smash single, “Drivers License,” Olivia Rodrigo has managed to take center stage, capturing the hearts of Gen X listeners, millennials, and zoomers alike. Although the rising music sensation has only released her debut album, Sour, she has already broken records, something no one has ever done before. With her flourishing success and unstoppable feats, it is apparent that this emerging household name has always been destined to take the industry by storm. 

Last January 8 of this year, Olivia Rodrigo dropped her debut single, “Drivers License.” Only three days later, the emotionally devastating piano ballad broke Spotify’s record for most streams in a single day for a non-holiday song before reaching a whopping hundred million streams. In fact, this groundbreaking song is the fastest one to do so in the platform’s history. Proving to be in a league of its own, the single rose all the way to number one on both the UK and US charts and had the biggest opening week of sales since Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk in 2016. 

With the success of “Drivers license,” Olivia Rodrigo has proven that a young and new artist is capable of accomplishing milestones that people think only established musicians can. Indeed, this must-watch star is already making history despite her age. 

Contrary to what most listeners think, writing “Drivers License” was a painless process for the singer. According to Olivio Rodrigo, she began writing the said song after driving aimlessly around her neighborhood while listening to sad music that brought about emotions that she had not felt in a long while. At that time, the eighteen-year-old had only gotten her driver’s license and was still relishing her freedom. As soon as she got home, she sat down at the piano, took some lyrics from her diary, and began writing the first two verses and the chorus. She wrote the bridge together with her producer. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, the singer and songwriter released her first-ever record not long after her viral breakout single. The album, Sour, speaks volumes about the heartache and angst she had been bottling inside of her. Moreover, it also sheds light on heartfelt memories taken from the last year of her life. As can be gleaned from its trajectory, the album serves as the young artist’s introduction to the world. 

The entire album was written by Olivia Rodrigo and was produced by Daniel Nigro. Seeing how her songwriting skills have reached impressive heights, the star shared that writing music has always been a cathartic process. 




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