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Queen Jackie A. Helping People Lead Wholesome Lives and Find Happiness

Finding peace and happiness in today’s chaotic world is somewhat a lofty dream that many people have not achieved. Believing in the power of empowerment, self-acceptance, relationship mastery and self-confidence, Queen Jackie Arthur has established a practice to see about individual upliftment and helping them build the life they desire.

Queen Jackie Arthur believes strongly in spiritual enlightenment and works to create tools and strategies that people can use to create their desired lives. Her personal experience as a woman who has seen many other women go through the phase of trying to be perfect for the world has played a role in influencing her decision. Seeing how women put pressure on themselves to live up to the image the media has depicted as perfect is not something she believes should be a norm. Instead, she’s channeling her skillset towards delivering clarity, direction, and positive support to people struggling with self-acceptance, especially women.

As a certified holistic life/intimacy coach in Maryland, Queen Jackie Arthur and her company Queen Jackie A are helping people fill the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Clients get to identify where they desire growth, set goals and objectives, and hold themselves accountable to achieve their dreams. In addition, the practice also helps people through their confused and disconnected phases of life. Queen Jackie is an expert at helping people find themselves and thorough happiness in all aspects of their lives, including career, romance, friendships, and family relationships.

As part of the movement to give people the power they need to thrive, Queen Jackie Arthur herself hosts a podcast on Mixxtation called Intimate Connectionz, which explores topics around intimacy, relationships, dating, and self-acceptance. “I understand that we are perfectly imperfect, but we all have amazing powers within us. You are already born with the qualities you will need to get everything you have ever wanted,” she said.

Queen Jackie A. operates on the belief that anything is possible while instilling the mindset that help is available to those who seek it. “Asking for help is definitely the first step in taking control of your life. Again, we all have our struggles, but we have to be courageous enough to face those problems and develop a plan to overcome our issues,” she said. Queen Jackie A has received numerous awards like The Expy Award for Media and Communication, Senator Ben Cardin Award for Business/Community Development, and JoeManns Black Wall Street Award.

The practice also helps people fix their relationships and marriages by teaching them better ways to communicate and enjoy intimacy. Generally, Queen Jackie A. is all about helping people live better and enjoy their lives in line with the world they live in. Over the next few years, Queen Jackie A. hopes to become a household name and one of the most respected coaches in the United States. She sees herself launching a TV show on a major network while extending her brand’s reach by creating more effective programs.

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