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Rising Artist Asher Khan Attempts To Challenge Viewers’ Perception of Life

Art is powerful, art is how we view the world. An artist can transform a blank canvas into a robust enough statement to change the world. Asher Khan captures how ethereal moments in life are present in our natural human existence yet how utterly striking they can be. One of his main goals and aims is to focus on achieving a more integrated nature of humanity, ensuring that everyone is allowed an equal opportunity to feel they belong in our society. With every stroke of his brush, Asher showcases the beauty of human nature and specifically focuses on human spirituality.

He finds there to be a certain beauty in silence, a peace that allows a deeper understanding and feeling for the piece. Allowing audiences to reflect, ponder, and take time to immerse in moments to truly appreciate and understand is so important to Asher, fundamentally. The up and coming artist distinguishes himself from other rising artists with his unique universal appeal by seamlessly capturing the finer moments of human spirituality through his work. Characterized as a global artist, a household name in the making, Asher aspires to inspire thousands, if not millions, with his unique expression and perspective, interpretation of life in its most spiritual and natural moments.

Growing up in multiple countries, traveling extensively across the globe allowed him a unique perception of the world. With a vast diaspora experience, the artist lived through diverse cultures, shaping his perspective and the lens of how he saw the rest of the world. It opened his eyes to various ways of life and how, though differentiated by nationality, language, skin color, and many other factors, people share similar moments, emotions, struggles, and experiences. The Pakistani-American Muslim artist aims to utilize this experience, showcase hints of every part of the world he has traveled to through his work, amplifying the uniqueness of each culture and simultaneously creating an avenue to see the beauty of human existence. In addition to his multitudes of experience, Asher has also dabbled in teaching art to children, young minds. Therefore, he possesses a deep understanding of how even the simplest minds view and perceive art. Through this understanding, he uses his art to strip the conditioning that is embedded within all humans through our society, allowing them to see art in its truest form without any such restrictions.

He believes that it is easy to mirror those conditions through art but the true test is challenging them and actually displaying and showcasing truth through art. “I am an artist who likes to bring cultural awareness and diversity to the forefront of minds that creates acceptance and builds communities to work together and eradicate differences. I like depicting emotions, current affairs, and calligraphic lines used as never before,” Asher Khan shared. The art that the artist creates is brave, made for everyone who wants to work towards building a better tomorrow, regardless of age, generation, gender, etc. His work has ignited conversations and changed narratives for the better by leaving strong social statements; all demonstrated through his perception of how our lives and society should be, a take that several artists in our day fear sharing. “My art is original ideas that are created from my perception of the realities around me. My thoughts go beyond the norms, and I embrace the authenticity of it,” Asher said. “The day you figure out your offering to the world is the day you start operating as self,” as one of his famous quotes goes.

Furthermore, he strives to enable and empower women through his art. He wants to be part of their journey and work together to build a better global society for individuals. With the experienced artist’s distinct style and message, his work could not be encapsulated around a single art genre but paves the way for a movement of its own, a brand he is proud to amplify to the rest of the world. “Living in this day and age, we are global citizens, and it is incumbent upon us to understand and connect on ideology and mindset to make this a better place to inhabit for future generations. Our world requires stability and clarity of thought to shape our future. However, we see everything yet at times find ourselves unmoved by situations which we can relate to,” the artist explained. “We must cultivate unbeatable courage to change the universal mindset with acceptance of our beautiful world.”

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