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Who is  Julien Stoermer Coleman : Age, Family , Biography, Net Worth

julien stoermer coleman

Julien Stoermer Coleman, who is call by the name J.Cole, is a very famous celebrity in the United States.He was born on 15 May 1988 in Frankfurt, Germany.If we look at his marital status, he is currently single and doesn’t have a wife.He has got a very hot figure with perfect height and weight to match his personality.His net worth makes him the richest rapper in the world of all time.He has made his fan go crazy towards him for this reason .

J .Cole made his debut on the music scene in the year 2007 . He release his first single, “Work Out”.

Coleman released got multiple awards

Julien Stoermer Coleman release got many awards for the album and has been sign by multiple label companies. He was very good in his first album and he is still working in order to achieve his goals. The only setback that he face was he had a dispute with a famous label company. But they sorted their problem out and started working together again.

After a few years, he release his second album which was named after him i.e J.Cole .This was also like and appreciate by his fans all over the world .

Julien Stoermer Coleman released is a very hot hearted and funny person .He gives an excellent performance on stage and always tries his best to make everything as memorable for his fans.He also loves a lot of things about hip-hop culture and he tries to promote it in his every single album or single that he releases.


His father was in the army and was station in a town near Frankfurt, Germany. Julien move to the U.S circa 1990, when he was nine years old, and grew up in Kankakee Illinois. He attended a Catholic school from pre-k to eighth grade. He spent his junior year of high school at a technical magnet school.

During his life, he has attend various schools including Paul D.Schreiber Senior High School, Virgina boarding school.


J. Cole net worth is more than $8 million .He has earn this money by being a rapper and a songwriter.The highest grossing concert of J.Cole is his show in Philadelphia which is known as 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour and he has gain around $1.7 Million in that single concert alone .He was sign to Interscope records in which he signed a $3 Million deal.In the year 2013, he has been select as one of the most powerful and influential personalities by Forbes Magazine.


He lives in Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend and Swedish model, Laolu.He often shares his relationship on social networking websites such as Twitter and Instagram .His latest tweets are as follows :

About his girlfriend ,he said that she is extremely caring .She takes care of him and does everything for him .

She always tries to do her best for her love and tries to make him feel special. He said that it is because of her that he loves being a celebrity.


His first album was release in the year 2007 and he got a deal with a record label company named, Columbia records.He is also very well known to have written “P&P 1.5” for Diddy’s Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris album .He was signed by Jay-Z to his record label named, Roc Nation in the year 2008 .J. Cole is also very famous in the world of hip-hop.He is an actor and has starred in the movie The…


He had a lot of controversies about him during his life . Before in his career, he had a conflict with Sony and he said that it was because of that that his album was not released in the year 2008.He has been supposed to start working on his second album which is J.Cole since the year 2008 .The album which is all ready to be release under the title J. Cole is set to be released on November 28, 2013.

J .Cole get a chance to perform on stage by opening for Wale’s “Attention Deficit” tour in the year 2010.The second tour that he performed on was the summer of 2011.He also performed with Drake and Jadakiss at Madison square Garden which was his biggest show till date.He has got many more achievements which you can check out here .

Julien Stoermer Coleman has been select as one of the most powerful and influential personalities. He was also list as one of the top five rapper according to MTV, Spin, and VH1. He released his first album J Cole in the year 2008 which was titled Cole World: The Sideline Story.After his success ,he release his second album which is J Cole in 2009 and it was the same title.This album earned him many awards in many award shows .His third album The Warm Up was released in 2012 .


A very humble and hot hearted person Cole makes people turn on their view of hip hop culture. And he shall be known as a legend once he conquers the world of music industry. He has got a very huge fan base which spread all over the world. And they have been following him since his ages. They are very respectful towards him as they know that he has made an impacting mark in their lives .He is also known to be selective when it comes to choosing up coming rappers .

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