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American Style Influencer Lauren Doral on How to Dress with Confidence

Confidence comes from feelings of appreciation and acceptance of one’s body, mind, ability, and skills. But did you know that confidence also comes from the clothes you wear? Research has revealed that attire can affect your self-esteem and overall behavior. Have you ever noticed how tall, confident, and proactive you feel when you wear a suit or formal attire? While you are more likely to feel relaxed when wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The fact is that when you know and believe that you are dressed to impress, you get that boost of self-esteem like no other.

Many people tend to follow the ‘current’ trends when it comes to fashion. Of course, there is no harm in adopting the latest styles, but more often than not, we go for trends that do not suit our personalities. Instead, we should choose outfits that uplift us and represent who we are. This is precisely the style mantra that American style influencer Lauren Doral follows. Style, fashion, and design have always been Lauren’s life’s thread. She shares her inspiration and what motivated her to venture into this field: “I was raised by a designer who was raised by a model and arbiter of style, both of whom made and designed their own clothing.” She further said, “Both of my parents would not start the day without being ‘dressed,’ and stressed its impact on our immediate family and all with whom they came in contact.”

Lauren has had a bright career as a model, TV host, and stylist who stands out from the rest as she believes that people should focus more on individuality and wear what they feel comfortable in. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and is known to help men and women feel more connected to themselves through style. According to Lauren Doral, she earned what she refers to as her ‘edge’ in New York. She studied street style, hip hop, urban-influenced dance, art, language, and culture there. If this hasn’t impressed you yet, there’s more! This American Style Influencer also worked in the fashion industry for designers like Armani, and Gianfranco Ferre, making clothes for coveted retailer Barneys NY and producing garments for Walmart and other mass merchants. Interestingly, Lauren’s unique styling methods are not just restricted to women. She uses her background in design, fashion, and film to help men feel more connected to themselves and others through style.

So, if you are craving a boost in confidence, Lauren shares a few tips on how you can use fashion for your benefit.

Choose the right colors.

Every season brings in a new ‘it’ shade that trends on the runway and in the fashion industry. Lauren stresses that instead of following the trend, you should ask yourself – does the color suit you? For instance, bright orange and neon yellow may look trendy and hip, but those colors might not complement your aura and personality. So while you may pick up shades just because they are trending, you will likely feel less confident wearing them. A solution to stay fashionable while sticking to your favorite colors is adding accessories of the hues in vogue.

Highlight your strengths

Which body feature of yours do you love the most? Are you eager to show off your legs? Is your waist your favorite body part? The American Style Influencer suggests identifying your strengths and outfits that highlight them. Of course, you can hide your weaknesses if you believe you have any, but don’t make a habit since self-love is the key to being confident and happy. “The key is just to go forward and try,” Lauren adds.

Dress according to the occasion

Never under-dress or over-dress. Always try to wear outfits that the occasion demands. For instance, you can’t wear shorts or a T-shirt at a formal event. In case you prefer wearing jeans most time, do what Lauren does. “While I love jeans, I do think they have a place, and I do not find them appropriate for all occasions,” shares Lauren. However, if you dress in mind the kind of occasion you attend, you are more likely to feel accepted and comfortable.

Be mindful of the style that works for you.

The fashion world keeps introducing new trends such as low-rise jeans, neon suits, flared pants etc. However, according to Lauren, just because something is trending does not mean you will be comfortable wearing it. In addition, how you feel about yourself when you wear an outfit can impact the impression you make. So the next time you want to wear a particular style, think about how it will make you feel.

Plan ahead

Fashion requires an investment of your time, energy, and finances. Hence, plan your looks by trying out different outfits and accessorizing them. Lauren Doral advises that it is not a good idea just to put on the first thing you grab. Instead, research the kind of look you want.

If you are trying to figure out the style that uplifts your spirits, follow Lauren Doral’s tips and flaunt your style with confidence. Here’s to a new and improved confident you!

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