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Ashley Puckett Kicks Off Her Country Music Career with Polished Debut LP

Ashley Puckett
Photo Courtesy: Ashley Puckett

Ashley Puckett’s album “Never Say Never” is a polished, earnest exploration of love, resilience, and self-discovery encapsulated within the heartland of country music. With its roots firmly planted in the genre’s traditional storytelling, the album also branches out to touch on pop and rock elements, offering a broad appeal. Below, this article delves into the thematic and musical composition of “Never Say Never,” track by track, to uncover the depth and breadth of Puckett’s debut LP.

“Never Say Never”

The Bryan Cole-produced album kicks off with its title track, “Never Say Never,” setting the tone with a message of perseverance and hope. Clocking in at over four minutes, the song combines Puckett’s powerful vocals with a melodic country-rock blend, encouraging listeners to embrace the unexpected and to always keep faith in the face of adversity. Its lyrical depth, paired with an engaging melody, makes it a strong opener and a central theme of the album.

“I Still Chose to Ride”

This track continues the theme of resilience, narrating a story of choosing one’s path despite the challenges that may come. Its slightly longer duration allows for a more detailed storytelling approach, enveloped in a richer musical arrangement that highlights Puckett’s ability to convey emotion and narrative through song.

“Be My Baby”

Shifting gears, “Be My Baby” introduces a lighter, more romantic tone to the album. Its arrangement and pacing evoke the classic country love song, with Puckett’s vocals softening to match the track’s tender narrative. This song showcases her versatility as an artist, capable of navigating both the robust and the delicate spectrums of love and relationships.

“What’s Her Name”

Here, Puckett explores themes of jealousy and curiosity in a relationship, providing listeners with a relatable narrative set against an engaging musical backdrop. The song’s storytelling is a testament to Puckett’s skill in crafting songs that resonate personally with her audience.

“Sound of a Heart Breaking Down”

A poignant ballad, this track delves into the heartache and pain of a broken relationship. Its emotional depth is matched by a minimalist arrangement, focusing on Puckett’s vocal delivery and the raw emotion of the lyrics. It’s a standout piece that simultaneously highlights her ability to convey vulnerability and strength.


“Mirror” offers a moment of introspection, encouraging listeners to reflect on their own lives and choices. Its lyrical content is complemented by a compelling musical score that underscores the song’s introspective nature, making it a memorable track on the album.


With a slightly more upbeat tempo, “Medicine” deals with finding solace and healing post-heartbreak. The track’s catchy melody and relatable lyrics make it an anthem for moving on and finding strength within oneself.

“I Will Remember You”

This track serves as a heartfelt tribute to lasting memories and the impact of a significant other. Its emotional delivery and lyrical poignancy make it a powerful ballad within the album’s lineup.


“Bulletproof” stands out as an empowerment anthem, with Puckett channeling confidence and resilience. Its energetic beat and defiant lyrics starkly contrast the album’s more tender moments, showcasing the breadth of Puckett’s musical and emotional range.


Continuing with themes of empowerment and self-discovery, “Reckless” celebrates living freely and embracing one’s true self. Its lively composition and spirited lyrics encapsulate the joy of uninhibited self-expression.


Concluding the album, “Weightless” offers a sense of closure and liberation. The track encapsulates the journey of overcoming, healing, and ultimately finding freedom, rounding out the album on a hopeful note.

Ashley Puckett’s “Never Say Never” is a meticulously crafted album that traverses the complexities of the human experience—love, loss, resilience, and rebirth—through the lens of country music. Its diversity in theme and sound showcases Puckett’s evolution as an artist and her commitment to storytelling through music. Each track contributes to a narrative arc that is both personal and universal, cementing “Never Say Never” as a significant addition to the country music genre and to Puckett’s discography.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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