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Baden Bower on what a publicist can do for a musician

Budding musicians will always find it difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Many people are trying to make it in the industry every day, and it can be hard to make a mark. According to Music Entrepreneur HQ, over 90% of artists are undiscovered, while only 0.11% are considered mainstream or popular. 

One way to rise above this tough competition is by hiring a publicist who can be a valuable partner in advancing the success of a musician’s career. Publicists help in getting an artist’s name more well-known.

Music PR Agency Baden Bower shares some of the things a good publicist can do for a musician’s career: 


  1. Create and implement a publicity campaign

Publicists can develop and execute a plan to get media coverage in print, online, radio, and television. They can help their clients get the most exposure possible by targeting media outlets that are likely to be interested in their music and pitching them accordingly. 

Good publicists can also help create press kits, secure interviews, ensure online presence, and make it possible to have appearances on radio, TV shows, podcasts, and more. 


  1. Develop relationships with members of the media

Publicists ensure that musicians make the most of their opportunities and reach the right people with their music. They have great relationships with members of the media and can pitch relevant news stories to them. Building relationships with the media can be time-consuming and daunting, but it’s essential to take a music career to the next level.


  1. Write press releases 

Musicians have a story to tell or a message to share through their work but may not know how to relay it effectively to the press. Publicists can help with this. They can prepare press releases about their client’s new albums or tours and ensure they are newsworthy, well-written, and include all the relevant information.


  1. Manage social media presence. 

A study by MusicWatch shows that 60% of people visit music streaming platforms after seeing an update on social media, which is also one of the best ways to connect with fans and build a brand in today’s digital world. A good publicist helps clients create and maintain a strong social media presence. They can help develop strategies and handle the daily posting and engaging with fans. They can also help handle negative publicity, which is bound to happen when musicians are in the public eye.

For musicians, getting their name and music out there should be a top priority when starting a career in the industry. The quality of the music they produce won’t matter if listeners don’t know about it. This is where a highly skilled team of publicists comes in – to ensure publicity and help musicians stand out despite the competition.

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