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CAMARGONOTAS: Silverio Lozada Releases Joropo Music in English

TRADITIONAL: Silverio Lozada premieres “Always on my mind”, a Venezuelan joropo sung in English. It is a musical daring with great success. The artist perfectly fuses Venezuelan folklore with classic Anglo rhythms. Today, Lozada is one of the most sought-after composers and producers of the new generation of artists who are revolutionizing urban music worldwide. For his compositions, he has been awarded prizes such as: 1 Latin Grammy for the song “Tócamela” by Amigos Invisibles in 2019, in addition to 4 other nominations, 1 Premio Lo Nuestro, 3 times ASCAP winner and several number 1s on the Billboard chart. with songs like “Duele el corazón” (Enrique Iglesias), “Aullando” (Wisin y Yandel) and “Me pasé” (Enrique Iglesias feat Farruko). Silverio was co-author of the song “Duele el Corazón”, interpreted by the Spanish Enrique Iglesias, also of “Aullando” by the duo Wisin y Yandel together with Romeo Santos and has worked with many important artists of international stature such as Prince Royce, Silvestre Dangond , Reikon, Cristina Aguilera, Becky G, Fanny Lu, Mandy Corrente, Anitta and Chyno & Nacho, among others.

DOCUMENTARY: Julián Cardona shows the fusion of electronic music and indigenous sounds in the documentary “Music from the inside”. The DJ, musician and producer Julián Cardona, will be chapter 3 of the documentary series and is entitled “Takatukao”, a song that is a tribute to the mountain, to mother earth and to the ancestral indigenous communities that inhabited at the time in the Colombian coffee territory. The premiere will be on October 24, it arrives on the Telecafé channel. DJ Julián Cardona seeks to rescue and at the same time cultivate his musical tradition in the new generations. Cardona traveled to the village of La Iberia, Colombia, to establish a more direct approach with that indigenous community and where they created a very special musical fusion.

EMPOWERMENT: Jesús Roberto Montilla, artistically known as Robstar, is one of the best creatives dedicated to graphic design and marketing. An empowered young man, prepared and eager to leave an excellent mark in his area. Their clients always get campaigns made for the effective achievement of goals and objectives, which has made Robstar recognized for their great work. Since he can remember he has always liked art, it runs in the family. My first job as a designer was to create the cover design for a Venezuelan singer named Diego Vargas. His dream is to be able to show his talent for DJs and music artists internationally. He has always been passionate about music and it would be incredible for him to be able to visually translate everything that artists create aurally.

IMAGE: The Colombian Diva Otalora is making an excellent price in the international model market. Diva is a model, actress and professional dancer. She has dedicated herself to strengthening her image as a model and has managed to impress everyone present at the events and red carpets she attends. Diva is also a renowned professional dancer and has been part not only of video clips of renowned international talents, but has also been included in live shows by artists such as Magic Juan, Fulanito, Martín Machore, Sandy y Papo, Demphra, Chyno and Nacho, Mía Mont, Farruko, Justin Quiles and Jowell & Randy, among many others.

TEACHING: Juan Alfonso Rojas is a man who has dedicated his whole life to teaching. He has an impeccable professional career. He always stood out for his great knowledge in the subjects he taught: electronics, English and Spanish. Rojas works every day to fulfill one of his dreams: to become an instructor for technical personnel and give English and Spanish classes to those who want to learn those two languages.


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